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good independent or catholic schools near Bishopston? as the admissions commission only gave us a place in a bad on...

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tvoronina Mon 04-Jul-11 21:16:20

Hi everyone, my first topic here so a bit nervoussmile

I have moved from Cardiff where my son finishes his Reception Year and I applied for a place in Year 1 (for the September 2011) - we are in Ashley Down - but I got a response from the Bristol Admissions today that all the schools are over-subscribed and they could only offer us a place in Glenfrom Primary - which seems absolutely awful according to the Ofsted report...sad

Now I have to consider other options (well quite quickly), so my question is: could anybody advise good indepndent schools - or catholic schools (which as i know have their own admissions) in the area of Bishopston - Horfield - Westbury-on-Trym - Henleaze?

just moved to Bristol, so any advice would be really helpful!!


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