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Starting junior school (Year 3)

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redskyatnight Mon 04-Jul-11 18:36:07

My DS is starting a new school in September. It's an enforced change as his current school only goes up to year 2. New school is a juniors so Y3-Y6. The schools are part of the same school "family" so they sort of have links, however they geographically are a mile apart so they are a bit limited.

The school (historically) will contain 45% children from his current school, 45% from another feeder infants and 10% from elsewhere. There will be 4 classes in his year.

I've been a bit blase about this change so far, but have the parents' meeting coming up soon so wondered if there was anything in particular I ought to be finding out/asking? also if anyone has experience of moving a child in similar circumstances in Y3 and how they found the move?

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