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Primary school - Buckingham Primary School - Ricmond Bourough

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Teddy77 Mon 04-Jul-11 15:21:35

Hi, our family will potentially be purchasing a house in Hampton Hill (Richmond Bouough) and one of the schools that comes up as being within the houses 'possible' catchment area is Buckingham Primary School (Buckingham Road, Hampton, TW12 3LT) - reading their latest ofsted report (2009 Satisfactory) does not paint the greatest of pictures. So would love to hear from parents that have or have had children at this school and how they find/found it?
Greatly appreciate your feedback

h2ohno Mon 04-Jul-11 20:05:52

Carlisle should also fall under your proposed catchment area. Carlisle is seen as a more desirable school. Not very PC to admit why though!

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