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What does Current FS Teacher Assessment National Curriculum Attainment Levels Mean?

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Eveiebaby Sat 02-Jul-11 22:45:45

DD has SEN is just about to finish her reception year and her mathes level is 17/27 - I have no idea what this means - Reading/Linking letters and sounds/writing/speaking and listening/ science were are rated between 3-7 out of 9. I'm totally baffled I have no idea - can anybody advise please?

olivevoir58 Sun 03-Jul-11 08:18:29

The average child leaving reception is anticipated to be working at FS level 6 (not to be confused with national curriculum levels which start at L1 in Y1 and progress up to L7 in Y9), so 17 out of 27 is a pretty 'average' result as there are 3 areas assessed in maths. Results of 8 or 9 are deemed to be above average results and 0 - 3 very much below average.

mrz Sun 03-Jul-11 08:27:10

I'm not sure why they have added her PSRN scores together to give you a Maths score - basically there are 3 strands 9 points in each strand so normally the score would be given as 0-9 for each Counting Calculation & Shape, Space & Measure so it's not possible to work out if there are any areas where she is really struggling or really doing well from an overall score ... if she has scored 5,6, 6 (17) then fine if she has scored 8 1 8 it gives a very different picture

Eveiebaby Sun 03-Jul-11 10:40:19

Thank you - seems like she is doing average (except in science which was the 3!) which I am pleased with.

mrz Sun 03-Jul-11 10:46:33

There isn't a science aspect in EYFS hmm

Eveiebaby Sun 03-Jul-11 19:38:04

confused - It definitely said Science - 3/9 which I must admit I thought a bit unusual but then I thought maybe it was something to do exploring the outside environment which DD does not do well at school due to distractions hence the low score. Obviously I was way off the mark!

mrz Sun 03-Jul-11 19:51:28

Knowledge and Understanding of the World includes Science but also History, Geography, ICT & RE hmm

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