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crazygracieuk Sat 02-Jul-11 22:06:55

How do teachers set ks2 targets?
My dd is in y3 and her targets were 2 sub-levels higher than her y2 grades. My son is in y5 and his target was 3 sub-levels over the year.

Dd went up 3 sub levels in literacy and 1 in maths. Ds made 3 sub levels in both numeracy and literacy.

Could the discrepancy be a result of level 4 being easier to work through than level 3 or is it because of the difference in year group?

Dd's teacher was very vague about how it's done and mentioned something about the deputy head setting targets and ds's teacher is a temp and normally teaches in Scotland where things are apparently very different.

crazygracieuk Sat 02-Jul-11 22:16:41

I'm interested because I'm geeky and like to know how things work. I'm not boasting by stealth or have a strong opinion on the targets and achievement made.

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