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2 part-time teachers - how does it work?

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Loopymumsy Sat 02-Jul-11 20:11:45

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

erebus Sat 02-Jul-11 20:14:24

What year are we talking?

TBH I prefer the teachers to be FT. DS2 in particular found it quite hard as it seems that both teachers had quite different expectations. He was in Y5 but the school in question have a policy of no PT teaching Y6.

LawrieMarlow Sat 02-Jul-11 20:14:42

DS has had two teachers this year and it's worked very well. Had one teacher Monday, Tuesday and Friday and the other on Wednesday and Thursday. Both have their own individual strengths and they both communicate a lot with each other. They have always both been there at parents evenings and I feel he's had a great time.

Most classes will have other teachers to cover for ie PPA time and I don't think there's an issue with it as I believe teachers do communicate with each other.

LawrieMarlow Sat 02-Jul-11 20:16:35

DS is just finishing Y2 by the way.

DD will be year 1 next year and although she won't be in a class with two teachers, she will be taught by more than one teacher due to the way the classes are being organised next year. Again I don't have any concerns with that.

AChickenCalledKorma Sat 02-Jul-11 20:17:33

Between my two daughters, we have had experience of four sets of job sharing teachers. DD1 had job sharers in Years 1, 2 and 3. DD2 has a pair of job sharers now, in Year 1.

In each case, it's been absolutely fine. The children have been completely matter of fact and soon get the hang of "If it's Monday, it must be Mrs Bloggs".

I don't know what arrangements they have for sharing information, but I've never had any feeling that the right hand doesn't know what the left hand is doing. In one particular case, it was clear that one was a bit of a maths specialist, while the other had greater strengths in languages etc - and they planned the week so that each was able to use their strengths. Which was great!

If you're concerned, ask whether they have worked together before, what arrangements are in place to ensure consistency etc. But honestly, don't worry. It will probably be fine. And frankly, there's nothing you can do about it anyway, so go with the flow!

skybluepearl Sat 02-Jul-11 20:17:47

Really works well for my son in a mixed class year group. The teachers are refreshed, enthusiastic and communicate really well. They have their own interests but balance this with working very hard.

I'd want to know that the teachers had weekly time together to communicate. Detailed communication will ensure the smooth running of the class.

Loopymumsy Sat 02-Jul-11 20:43:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

greycircles Sat 02-Jul-11 20:45:00

It depends on the teachers. They need to be able to work well together. The one time I have seen it, it has worked very well indeed.

Franup Sat 02-Jul-11 21:09:56

My dd flew the year she had 2 teachers, because they were both brilliant, communicated well and clearly liked each other. DD2 just done reception with 2 teachers and not bothered at all. She likes them both.

Agree about different strengths and personalities.

Loopymumsy Sun 03-Jul-11 10:15:34

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

pozzled Sun 03-Jul-11 10:25:25

Just wanted to reassure you from a teacher's point of view. I've only done a jobshare for one year, but I can tell you that my colleague and I worked very hard to make it a success for the children. Before the year started we talked through almost every aspect of classroom management- rules, sanctions, procedures for lining up, tidying away, you name it! Throughout the year we communictaed regularly, sending emails if we didn't see each other. And we split the lessons to play to our strengths, so my colleague taught Art as she was much more creative than me and so on. We had to be more orgnaised in some ways than a full time teacher. And because we did each other's PPA time we didn't have that situation where there was a teacher who didn't really know the class in every week.

bigTillyMint Sun 03-Jul-11 10:29:53

I have jobshared alot with a colleague - 2/3 days each. It worked well for us as we work in a very similar way and planned / shared information, etc.

Hopefully your DC will benefit from both the teachers' strengths, and they will be more full of energy / enthusiasm as only working part-time!

AChickenCalledKorma Tue 05-Jul-11 19:14:11

I've just realised that next year will be the first year that both of my children only have one class teacher. Honestly, it's really normal in our school and doesn't seem to cause any problems.

clam Tue 05-Jul-11 19:34:35

To put it into perspective, do most children "suffer" with having two parents in the home? Do we need to ask "how does that work?" "Do they communicate?" "Will the kids play one off against the other?"
Depends on the personalities involved. Except that teachers are professionals, and those of us who consider ourselves very fortunate to have job-shares go to great lengths to make damn sure they work efficiently.

mixedmamameansbusiness Tue 05-Jul-11 19:40:43

I also think it gives DC a better chance at the "getting on with teacher". This year in DS1 reception class I have noticed that there are one or two children that the teacher seems to not like very much. She isnt horrible or anything and we love her, but what I am saying is if there were two teachers there would be more chance of those children being mor epopular with the teacher(s) if that makes sense.

Plus that also works in reverse. A broader view of progress from two different viewpoints as well is probably useful.

Hulababy Tue 05-Jul-11 19:41:11

We have a couple of job share classes at the infant school I work at. The one inthe year I work at seems to work really well. They have their PPA time together in school so do planning and infomartion sharing then, as well as other stuff via email and phone/text.

Debra135 Thu 21-Jul-11 18:50:58

My son is just about to go into yr6 with split teachers has anyone experienced this and if so how did you find it. I'm aware of the fact it's quite a stressful year for tham without having two or more teachers

startail Fri 22-Jul-11 01:06:38

Should be fine. We've had all sorts of splits 3/2 and 4/1 days mainly and both my DDs seem to have been happy most of the time (DD1 would have liked one teacher 5/5 because she understood her better, but DD2 liked them both). This year the splits been really complicated with different teachers morning and afternoon and a third on Fridays. No problem as far as I can see. Probably helps that DD2 has had all these teachers before so no real getting used to them was required.
4/1 split next year, again familiar staff. Job share fine DD2 a bit pissed of it's a rather big class all Y6/Y5. Hopefully,some Y6 SATs sessions, but given the government watering them down again this may feel less necessary.

ICantFindAFreeNickName Fri 22-Jul-11 01:18:59

I think it works really well as long as the teachers communicate well and it's a 2/3 or 2.5/2.5 split. I am not keen on 4/1 split.
I like that theres a teacher coming in refreshed in the middle of the week.

As someone previously said, most part-time teachers, know they are lucky to get part-time, so work extra hard to ensure that it works.

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