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Any teachers had a job interview recently?

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WimbledonShmimbledon Fri 01-Jul-11 20:56:43

I have one next week smile but I haven't had an interview for a years a while. Can anybody give me a clue as to what they might ask? Thanks.

NedSchneebly Fri 01-Jul-11 21:23:43

What position? Age range?

Well done on getting interview- job market's a bugger! smile

WimbledonShmimbledon Fri 01-Jul-11 21:54:57

Part time, primary school. Yes, I am pleased I got an interview, I know there were lots of applicants. The job market is shocking atm.

AbigailS Fri 01-Jul-11 22:32:24

Just pm-ed you!

letthembe Fri 01-Jul-11 22:59:03

Had two last year (one successful) but for management roles. My student teacher had one a couple of week's ago. Are you being asked to teach? There is always a question on safe guarding these day. The creative curriculum, differentiation and personalised learning are popular themes in today's teaching world. And of course, data analysis, targets and SAT results.

NedSchneebly Sat 02-Jul-11 07:59:38

Agree safe guarding question.
I got asked how I would change the primary strategy to make it better.
Other usual stuff-
strengths and weaknesses,
other skills- music, pe, drama
Use of ICT,
pastoral care questions
what to do with problem parents
How to raise standards
Target setting
Use of APP
I got asked about raising standards in reading


Elibean Sat 02-Jul-11 09:01:12

And if you were interviewing at our school (Parent Gov, sat in on a dozen interviews over past few weeks) you would also be asked why you wanted to be part of this particular school.

Congrats on getting an interview, that says a lot! And good luck...

WimbledonShmimbledon Sun 03-Jul-11 06:40:36

Thanks so much for the replies. I'm now at the point of hyperventilating since I can't answer half these questions shock
Could someone tell me what the obligatory safe guarding questions are?

Oh and it's not a management post so hopefully no data analysis questions. Well they can ask but the answer the get might be 'um, say what?'

WimbledonShmimbledon Sun 03-Jul-11 06:42:17

Sorry, AbigailS also sent me a list so I have few more questions than just here.
Not that I'm a panicer but...

<runs around in circles gibbering>

ConstantlyCooking Sun 03-Jul-11 11:46:38

Good luck with the interview - IME safeguarding qs are along the lines of "what would you do if a child came to school with a bruise?" or "what would you do if you suspected abuse".

Well done on getting the interview - this year I keep being rejected at the application stage sad

letthembe Sun 03-Jul-11 22:58:32

I have also always taken a portfolio to interviews. It got me one job, because I apparently 'came alive' when I talked my way through it. I have always shown a portfolio rather than asked a question... seems to have worked in the past (in my third school from about 8 interviews). I just put in photos of displays or activities, samples of planning (cross-curricular maps), any original tried and tested resource ideas I have created, maybe a work sample that shows the kind of things you love to do. Anything that allows you to speak with passion and enthusiasm about teaching and the children you teach. Good luck.

NedSchneebly Thu 21-Jul-11 13:30:11

How did the interview go, Wimbledon?

Hope good news? smile

ThePathanKhansWoman Thu 21-Jul-11 21:19:47

Oh good luck OP. Disheartens me to hear so many of you are having trouble getting jobs/interviews <just a mum btw, poking my nose in>.

Mum2be79 Fri 22-Jul-11 18:28:18

I got my job in 2000. On 12th June I was only 1 out of 12 of the 36 on my course to have a job for the following September. I applied to over 100 jobs nation wide and finally nailed it on my 4th interview. It began as a temp for a year but 11 years later, I'm still with them. Ironic thing is, afterwards I got 3 interviews and offered a job through Durham pool!

chocolatecosmos Sat 23-Jul-11 00:56:18

I have had 3 interviews recently. I got the third but probably because I was just a better fit for the position. Think about why you want to teach, an example of a lesson that went well/badly, how you have used assessment to inform your teaching, what you can offer, strengths/weakness,how you have used The Every Child Matters Agenda, how you would raise levels of achievement,etc. You need to give give examples for every answer. Good luck

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