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dd upset at failure in spelling tests

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kissingfrogs Thu 30-Jun-11 23:58:22

Dd1 (yr 2) is getting really upset that she keeps getting her spelling tests wrong. We practise at home for 3-4 nights on the trot before friday's test day and she appears to be able to learn them and get them all right, then makes tons of mistakes on the actual test. She's becoming increasingly upset and self-conscious that she's behind in reading, maths and spelling and that dd1 (yr1) is overtaking her.
She has been medicated for absence epilepsy for over a year during which she has made little or no progress at school (actually regressing to some extent). I've recently weaned her off meds (no absences since weaning) as I felt it was the right thing to do and was getting so concerned about her inability to focus & concentrate (blaming meds) but there is still obviously an issue there.
She says she finds it hard because the classroom is noisy, but I also think its psychological because she has got so anxious about being behind. She gave a revealing analogy today when she couldn't unlock the front door (struggling with stiff lock) and said: "that's what I feel in my spelling test mummy - that I'm trying to unlock the door".

Parents evening next week so I'll raise the issue. Teacher has said before that she thinks it's lack of confidence issues, and I get the impression school see dd1 as not really academically minded, aka not that bright sad. But they didn't know her before she had epilepsy - she was doing well, top reader, before she developed epilepsy when in previous school and we moved just after.

I dont know what to do sad

IndigoBell Fri 01-Jul-11 06:25:59

It doesn't sound like spelling tests are her main problem sad

Sounds like there's lots going on, which is all hard to unpick sad

What levels in reading, writing & maths is she getting?

Is she happy at school?

Is she confident?

TheClaw Fri 01-Jul-11 16:28:15

Oh your poor DD. It does sound as if you think it might be related to the epilepsy. Has it affected her memory in any other ways?

One of my children (Y1) finds spelling really hard and keeps coming home with zeros. She just doesn't seem to have the capacity to remember them (or segment them).

I'm waiting on her report but I think she was generally average but falling behind on writing. She also is becoming defensive and self-conscious about her ability. I honestly think she has some kind of memory problem as she forgets all sort of things.

The teacher said she doesn't have much confidence in herself but has generally been not much help this year in getting her any extra help as she is seen as average. Hopefully Y2 will be better for her. I've also started her on Fish Oils!!

Hopefully your parents evening will be helpful to you.

TheClaw Fri 01-Jul-11 19:08:08

Just realised I have broken a MN code by saying my DD is average!!

electra Fri 01-Jul-11 19:12:25

Absences can cause the brain to 'reboot' and lose recently acquired information in the process. It sounds like there is an awful lot for her to contend with and I think in your position I'd ask if she can sit out of the tests for a while to take the pressure off.

kissingfrogs Sat 02-Jul-11 23:22:44

Sorry I havent replied earlier - been a busy couple of days.
I've had her report now. She is below average in writing and maths.
I taught her phonics before reception and clearly remember noticing that she had a good memory. I wouldn't say that now sad. There is definitely a difference but it's hard to determine whether it's because the work is harder now or because she has had - and may still have - epilepsy.
Like TheClaw has said about her/his dd, my dd is becoming defensive and self-concious about struggling.
I would take your advice electra but I'm afraid that would leave dd feeling further behind (spelling lists are numbered and dd is aware her friends are on higher number lists).

Thanks for your replies.

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