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Can I get a copy of dd's school records?

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singforsupper Thu 30-Jun-11 17:21:32

Anyone know if I am entitled to them and will I get them all? I'm thinking of suing the LA for institutional neglect at the suggestion of a senior member of staff there.

mrz Thu 30-Jun-11 17:28:35

You have the right to see any information regarding your child

singforsupper Thu 30-Jun-11 17:37:11

I got worried after they got me to agree to NOT keeping them. My daughter has a statement so it's important for sec. school transition. I need them really so that they can show what has or has not been done for her in the past, in terms of therapies and also on an educational level.

I really don't fancy a legal battle right now but this is about as important as it gets unfortunately.

morechocolate Thu 30-Jun-11 22:28:58

I had been advised by a couple of people on here that you do not have the automatic right to see all information on your child held by the school despite the DPA. I was led to believe that if there are any special concerns such as child protection there may be a separate file that you will not be given access to even if you request it under DPA. I would be interested to hear if this is correct. This advice was given by people claiming to be staff with responsibility for child protection/head in a school

singforsupper Fri 01-Jul-11 09:30:27

Apparently you need a letter to the governors and you get a copy of the records under the Freedom of Information Act. Yes I would assume that if there are any child protection issues, stuff will be held back. I'm not sure I even want the records but the services have let things slip over the years (not specifically school) and her records will be the only way to see the evidence.

tiledwalls Fri 01-Jul-11 09:53:12

Use the model letter on p.16 of this Ipsea pack. It is well worth asking for the records now before your child leaves primary school; records often get 'lost' at the transition to secondary so you may not be able to get hold of them in the future. Use the Pupil Information Regs to request it - this means you're entitled to see them within 15 school days rather than 40 days under the Data Protection Act.

Also it's worth making a DPA request to your LA as they will also have records if your child is statemented. Model letter here. You might also want to think about other public bodies who might be holding information - e.g. NHS or the other services you mentioned.

There are some instances where an organisation can withold information but it's quite strictly controlled by law. If you believe they are witholding information without justification, you can ask the ICO to investigate.

singforsupper Fri 01-Jul-11 18:30:45

Thanks so much tiledwalls - looks like I've got some more admin to do (again).

twobluesandapink Mon 20-May-13 09:39:30

What should I see in a copy of my daughters School Record?

Hi there smile this is my first ever 'dip' into mumsnet as I try not to 'post' anything as I have a short term memory issue that makes anything 'computery' soo frustrating lol but I have been running around in circles for so long Ive lost the plot and need some help! We are having problems with our daughters primary school (well it went to an Academy in December which the head seems to use to muddy the waters so to speak) The staff are brill, our problems seem to stem from a head who's anything but honest and open sadly. Soo, we have done the 'letter' (asking for a copy of her school record etc) and surprisingly just under the 15 day marker came the envelope . . . . I now have;

Pupil Record (one sheet with her unique pupil number on)
Admission form (with emergency contacts) Not currant info!
Medical Information 1st sheet we did, no updates with her dyspraxia!
Ethinic background info 2009
Consent form (images etc) again only 1st one not changes we made!
Visits Consent form
A copy of her Progress report (Foundation Stage)
A copy of her school 'report' for year 1
A copy of her school 'report' for year 2
Attendance sheets

The last report being for 2011-2012 so nothing from this current year.
So basically we had all this anyway! We went through a rough year last year with meetings galore. As the school refused to except she had any 'needs' so we begged for her consultant (nut allergy) to arrange some assessments. These identified dyspraxia for which she had to have immediate intervention as her fine motor skills had a score of 5. I would have thought there would be info about a meeting with parent partnership too as the school refused to put her on school action but agreed to do some 'intervention'. The head wont let them attend with us now as she isnt 'sen' and the school is now an Academy grr but even they said they had never met a school that didnt give 'levels' going into intervention and levels coming out, so we have no way of knowing how its been working. We are at our wits end. Right now we have 2 issues with the head, our wanting of 'sen' help and a need for a care plan for her nut allergy (we had one then needed to add to it but was told we had to fill in a CAF form to get one..... now we have found out the 'school' feel there are 'safeguarding issues' and there are professional meetings and letters to and fro from our doctors & consultants via a school nurse) I found out by mistake at the doctors! I see a letter on file asking for written evidence of all contact they had from us about issues with our daughter etc! Do you think they have given me everything they should have please? **Sorry for the essay (I cant be concise or logical now sadly) all other posts will be short promise!

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