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Help! When do free nursery sessions end?

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DizzyBrummie Thu 30-Jun-11 13:57:46


My DS was 4 in May and he currently uses all 5 of his free sessions at nursery. When he starts school in September, I assume the free sessions end. Is that right? I can't find anything on the government website other than he should be entitled up until compulsory school age (5 years old).

Can anyone help please?

mousymouse Thu 30-Jun-11 14:01:34

I think they end on the dc's 5th birthday or at the start of the school year. but someone else might know better.

DooinMeCleanin Thu 30-Jun-11 14:08:05

I have been talking to dd2's nursery about this as I am not sure she is ready for school. She would be able to keep her nursery place until she turns 5, but you must let the nursery know in enough time, so that they can save a space if neccessary.

DesolationAngel Thu 30-Jun-11 14:08:45

Will he be full or part time in September?

If he is full time then yes the funding ends.
If he is part time then that's his "free sessions"

Does that make sense?

zlaya Thu 30-Jun-11 14:16:41

We have used nursery free sessions for DS reception year (independent school), it ends when the child turns 5, our girl turns 5 in August, so yes you can still claim for one more year until next May, you might have to pay some extra for next's year summer term, hope it helps.

Bramshott Thu 30-Jun-11 14:18:39

You have to claim the sessions in whole terms, so if he is starting school before Jan, his funding will end. However, if you want him to stay at nursery for the whole autumn term, he will still be entitles to his vouchers.

If he is attending a private school, you will probably be able to claim the vouchers as a discount off the first terms fees.

Saracen Fri 01-Jul-11 08:29:10

The funding continues until childen reach compulsory education age in the term after their fifth birthday.

If children are at school before they reach compulsory education age then the funding is transferred to the school. So you could not apply the funding toward any wraparound care, because it is already being used at school.

stealthsquiggle Fri 01-Jul-11 08:41:48

Like Saracen said - funding ends at the end of the term in which they turn 5, but that is only relevant if they are in an independent school and you are getting the funding amount taken off the fees - otherwise it is just going to the school.

Why do you ask?

DizzyBrummie Fri 01-Jul-11 12:25:39

Thanks guys, that answers my questions. The free sessions effectively go to the school.

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