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building works at school

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fishheadfishhead Thu 30-Jun-11 08:53:40


our local school is in the process of being enlarged to cope with the influx of children. this week the noise coming from these works is insufferable, load drilling etc.

i have asked the school about this and they say it will last one week but will be predominately when the children are at school.

is this right? i think they should at least try to keep the noise to a minimum when children are there.

or at least do the works weekend/holidays.

Any thoughts? am i being over precious?

Goblinchild Thu 30-Jun-11 08:56:13

All schools want work carried out in the holidays when children aren't there, but because of that it is sometimes not possible because the demand is so great.
So if the work has to happen, then there is little choice about when.

jenniec79 Thu 30-Jun-11 09:00:39

It's going to be cheaper to have the workmen there in "office hours" rather than weekends/evenings, plus the neighbours would have more grounds to complain if there's noisy out of hours works.

Imagine you (and DCs) had a hard day at work then got back to the insufferable noise. Every day for a week, into bedtime as well as when out in the garden etc. Sounds pretty miserable tbh.

Are the builders in the school today? They should be able to get a bit ahead if less kiddies around (small silver lining)

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