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Can I have some factual answers from teachers please

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veritythebrave Wed 29-Jun-11 10:38:01

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Thinking11 Wed 29-Jun-11 18:50:53

Sorry without the paperwork infront of me I can not tell you the exact ratio's. All I would say is that if your child is lucky enough to go to a school that still take children out on trip then you can rest assured that every i will be dotted and every t crossed. The rules and regulations placed on schools taking children out out school are extreamly rigourous, so much so that many schools no longer take chidren out. No school would risk a potential nightmare. Schools taking chidren out have to ensure that their backs are covered and every child is safe (as safe as any chid can be, not forgetting accidents happen even when in parents care)

It is thanks to red tape and insecure parents that many children miss out on the best education they can have, the learning that happens out of school grounds. It is during trips children learn social skills, safety skills and idependance, not forgetting awe and wonder of the world around them.

All aspects are covered by risk assessments which are kept in school for at least a year. Day trips are signed by the head and residentials have to be sent off to the LA.

As for IEP's unfortunately the term IEP scare some parents unnecassarily. In most cases it is just an identification that a chid or group of children would benifit from additional suppport in one or more areas. It does not label your chid for life, just just gives them a little support. It is often benificial for children with very minor difficulties to have IEPs as this means that their need has been identified and action is in place to support your child. The parents are made aware and often within the year children with minor needs no longer need an IEP.

mrz Wed 29-Jun-11 19:19:51

In school

nursery aged children 3-4 years old 1-13
reception 4-5 years old 1-30
KS1 5-7 years old 1-30
KS2 7-11 years old 1-30+

on trips
we work on
1-2 in nursery
1-4 reception
1-6 KS1
1-10 KS2

after school 1-8

An annual permission letter is no longer enough and parents must give permission for each trip.
In my LEA risk assessments must be forwarded to the LEA two weeks prior to planned visit where they are stored

lilackaty Wed 29-Jun-11 19:29:01

My school (independent) and my children's school (state) both use permssion slips that are signed when the child starts school.
That covers trips into town (a walk away), short coach journeys, trips to local parks and I know my dd has been to a town on a coach (15 miles away) without a separate consent form.
Ratios are as mrz said but I thought the rules had changed and that legally the school could make the judgement. I may be wrong though.
The class sizes are also as mrz said.
My understanding is that an IEP is used if the child receives (or needs) extra support other than that which always happens within the class. So any child taken for interventions should be on one, but it could be a group one. This may not be correct as I have not worked in a state school for over a year.

mrz Wed 29-Jun-11 19:38:27

The law changed last year regarding permission slips and state schools should no longer be using an annual form.

Not all schools use IEPs for children receiving additional support (we use provision mapping ) we don't take any children out for interventions unless it is an individual speech or physical programme.

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