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Kingston and Teddington

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mumtojohn Tue 28-Jun-11 12:08:32

Hello all. We are looking to move (rent at first maybe, then buy the right place nearby) to Kingston or Teddington. Have heard the primaries are all very good in both places. DS1 will start primary in 2 years so we need to make sure we get it right schools wise. I have been reading that there is a problem with primaries in the Teddington/Hampton area with lots of children being offered no place at all or a place outside the borough. Does this just make it a bad idea to try and move there fresh?

Kingston is also up there but I have heard there are 'dead' zones. Does anyone have any thoughts on what are the areas to avoid?

Thanks if you can help.

crazygracieuk Tue 28-Jun-11 12:51:13

I live in Kingston so my comments are about there rather than Teddington.

There are many excellent primaries in Kingston but there are dead zones with regards to primary schools despite many having bulge classes. If you are after a place in a really popular school (north of the borough) then you basically need to live as close as possible to the school of your choice. I can't comment on how tight the catchment areas are but I'm sure you can find out from the schools or another MNer will know.

mumtojohn Tue 28-Jun-11 14:03:58

Thanks. So roughly speaking, it's North Kingston I need to be in, it sounds.

Just wondered - on the Kingston side of things - if anyone knows anything about where the dead zones are.

pengymum Tue 28-Jun-11 14:39:21

I have lived in Kingston and if you are looking to be there long term - ie will need secondary schools, then look at renting or buying close to a primary school that feeds into the secondary school of choice. There are 'feeder' primary schools that are linked to various secondary schools in the area: Fern Hill is linked to Grey Court, St Pauls is linked to Teddington I believe. Both Fern Hill and Latchmere are having new buildings to accommodate the extra so called bulge classes.

The thing with schools in the area is that there is very high demand and so the catchment areas are very small - in some cases can just be a few streets as the priority is looked after children and siblings first then nearest. This obviously varies from year to year depending on demand.

The other thing is that North Kingston is dominated by the Tiffin Schools - everyone is practically forced to try to get their children tutored in an attempt to get a prized Tiffin place for their child. There are other good schools in the area but most are brainwashed into thinking that Tiffin is the Holy Grail!
Of course if your child manages to get in then you would be foolish to turn down a place but the Greenwich ruling means that the mark is the deciding factor not the distance the child will have to travel.

Anyway, I would recommend getting a house practically on the doorstep of your chosen school until the children are in and then move as close as possible to the secondary school of your choice (except in the case of Tiffin Girls or Boys, in which case just start with verbal reasoning and non verbal reasoning work as soon as possible!) Bear in mind though that you have to be at the address by certain cut-off dates.


letsblowthistacostand Tue 28-Jun-11 19:06:28

It's not so bad in Kingston as it used to be. Latchmere and Alexandra are taking permanent bulge classes and St Agathas will take bulges as needed. Most KT2 addresses are fine although the river roads are a bit iffy as is anything north (? richmond side anyway) of Sainsbury's unless you are very close to Fern Hill.

All the schools are good, pick a neighborhood you like and go from there.

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