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Is there some national award for parents to nominate a teacher that they think is fantastic?

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rebl Mon 27-Jun-11 10:30:50

My ds has only had his teacher for 1.5 terms but what a difference she, and the school, have made for him. They've turned him around. She goes above and beyond for him. We are obviously getting her a good end of year present which I've researched well I hope. But it feels so small compared to what she's done for him. Everytime I see her I just want to hug her and thank her, everyday!

Is there some national award or something that we can nominate her for or is that just not done?!

piprabbit Mon 27-Jun-11 10:33:03

Try these people.

I think the awards have been televised in the past.

roadkillbunny Mon 27-Jun-11 12:27:46

I feel that way about dd's teacher this year rebl , my dd has some mild SEN surrounding speech and language but I know your ds has more challenges and he came to the class late, it is great that he is finally getting the education he deserves.
I think next to teachers like yours the achievements that dd's teacher has made with her are no where near as dramatic, but to us they are the world.
We have got dd's teacher a fab end of year gift, we can't wait to give it to her, we are lucky as we know her interests, she is a ballroom dancer (the children love it when she brings in her wonderful dresses and trophies!) and she is also a massive fan of the local football club so we have got her a lunch box from the football club store as she brings packed lunch to school.
I think dd's teacher is quite remarkable, she is very young and vibrant, this is her second year of teaching and she really connects with the children and they her, they have a wonderful relationship, as did her class last year, nobody has ever wanted to leave her behind as they move up the school. I look forward to ds having her, only 2 years to go, he doesn't start reception until 2012 lol!
I would say go for it, teachers need every bit of recognition they can get, it can really be a thankless job at times it seems sadly.

hockeyforjockeys Mon 27-Jun-11 12:36:29

The thought would be lovely, but I know that the teaching awards aren't universally popular (quite a few teachers don't like individuals being singled out when the vast majority are all very dedicated to their jobs, also rumors of some winners being all show and no trousers, no idea if that's just jealousy though). The nicest thing that anyone has done for me when they really appreciated my work with their child was to right a letter to the head telling them how much they appreciated what I had done. Made me feel brilliant, and as I had a lovely head def put me in his good books forever more!

slug Mon 27-Jun-11 12:51:05

If you write a letter to the Head and copy it to the Board of Govenors, you may find this has more of a positive impact on the teacher's career (and self esteem) than any number of awards.

rebl Mon 27-Jun-11 13:04:31

We were wondering if it was bit as you say hockey. Maybe writing a letter to the head and govenors is a better idea. Also in a letter to the head and govenors we can thank the whole school who have all been fantastic, as well as the individual teacher.

We have got her a great present as well but it just feels so little in comparison to what she has done.

roadkillbunny I'm glad that your dd is now so much happier and progressing. Its amazing what 1 teacher can do and how much it means the world to not only the child but the family.

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