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sleepwouldbenice Sun 26-Jun-11 23:47:18

the lovely thread that was on here about 2-3 months ago thanking the teachers who post here for all their time, help and and advice on primary school life

with the up and coming strikes there seems to be lots of teacher bashing going on and I am finding that rather depressing. In this country we are so quick to judge and criticise as though our lives, jobs, actions, beliefs are so perfect

I have learnt lots from coming to this topic (yes I did have some misconceptions myself!) and i can see several teachers who give so much so support on these posts getting really dishearted by all the negative comments being thrown at the profession

And I for one am sorry about that!

roadkillbunny Mon 27-Jun-11 06:35:57

I am with you completely. I appreciate the job that teachers do so much. My dd's teacher this year has been a real inspiration to her and she has developed so much not just in an academic way.
The teachers who post here are also a fountain of good advice and insight into how a classroom works.
I do hate these feelings that that seem to float around that teachers are little more then babysitters or expected to be some kind of super human taking responsibility for every aspect of raising a child.
It seems at times with parents that teachers simply can't win and it is really not fair.
So yes, a thank you and promise of continues support is defiantly going out to all in the teaching profession including TA's who help keep the classroom running and the children learning and a far to often overlooked for the great work they do.

LeoTheLateBloomer Mon 27-Jun-11 07:41:13

I never saw that thread but I'm pleased to hear there was one.

As in any profession you'll come across people that you would question; doctors, politicians, laywers etc. But there are always others who are doing the job because they genuinely love it, care about it and are bloody good at it.

I've worked with several people over the years who I've wondered about, whether they're in it for the right reasons or if they've been at it for so long they've lost it.

I wouldn't claim to be the best teacher in the world, but I love my job and the children always come first in my classroom.

It's nice to be acknowledged with all the strike talk going on at the moment smile

rebl Mon 27-Jun-11 10:23:11

I remember that thread.

I don't think people (general public that is) understand why the teachers (and other public sector workers) are striking. All they see is inconvience to themselves. I fully support the teachers, they do a wonderfull job and do way more than their contracted hours to make sure our children get a good education.

My ds has who I consider to be the best teacher in the world quite frankly. She goes away above her job description to ensure he gets into school, enjoys school and actually learns things both socially and academically. Every teacher in that school cares about all the children and it shows.

I fully support their decision to strike. Why should they have crap pension deal? Why shouldn't they exercise their right to negotiation like private sector workers would do? Its not their fault their negotiating with a government is it and that the only way the government seems to listen is by people doing drastic things like striking. People have had plenty of warning on this strike, its not been dumped on us a day before and certainly round here the holiday clubs are cashing in and opening for the day so if there is a childcare problem then use those or speak to some SAHM's and ask if they can care for your child. But certainly don't dish the teachers who do a marvellous job and just want to protect their retirement.

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