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Move schools or not?

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rogersmellyonthetelly Sun 26-Jun-11 21:12:25

2 kids, boy(7) and girl (5) Kids are currently at local catholic school, very happy, settled and enjoying school. We are moving house in the next few weeks, current school is still an easy drive, but most of the kids in the immediate vicinity of our new house go to an excellent private school which is within half a mile.
Dh and I have discussed moving them to the private school, for two reasons, one, all their new friends will be going there, and two, whilst apparently quite bright in other areas, dd is struggling with reading and needs more one on one attention.
Against changing schools is that we are practising Christians, and I wanted them to go to a faith school, also, from my own experience of private school, some of the kids can be spectacularly brattish, and since dd has a tendancy towards being a brat, I don't want it encouraged lol.
Also, if we were to move, when is the best time? We are moving over the summer hols, so would starting new school in september be too much for them? Should I maybe leave it until Christmas when they have settled into new home?

MumblingRagDoll Mon 27-Jun-11 00:15:48

All I can see here is "They are very happy, settled and enoying school"

Also your assumption that the local kids will be "their new friends" is very optimistic...not all kids are allowed out to play...some may be, true...but is that a reason to move schools and take on the huge commitment that is private school fees?

If you were to move then September is by far the best time...then all the children are in a new situation Chistmas the class wll be more settled.

My DD is in year 2 of a very small private school which is a 5 minute walk away...most of the kids in this area go to the local state school up the road....hardly any of them play in th streets...they all have arranged play dates. When they get to around 10 or 11, I see them riding their bikes about...but it's very dismal in that people seem let the kids out of their sight. It's a lovely area too.

Butwhat I am saying is that not knowing all the kids locally has not done my DD any harm...she has her school friends.

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