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Moving to WWickham or Hayes in Kent - choosing schools

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Primavera Sun 26-Jun-11 13:26:27

Hello all - I am looking for advice on moving to WW/Hayes. All schools look v good on paper - have not been able to visit as live overseas now. Am soon to return and buy a house - then apply for school (guess we will be on waiting lists for Jan 2012) for my DS & DD at primary. We want to choose a house within catchment of a good secondary as well (am thinking Hayes or Langley). Whats the best spot to pick? Does one area have more facilities/nicer parks/clubs for kids/things for adults to do than the other? Any tips welcome! TIA.

KaylaB Mon 27-Jun-11 11:28:14

I'd love to see some replies. We are also moving back to the UK sometime next year and Hayes / Bromley is one of the areas we are considering. Unfortunately we won't be in a position to buy, so will be looking at rental properties in the area.

jacw Wed 06-Jul-11 21:59:07

I don't know how helpful this will be as I don't have direct experience (yet) of the local schools as my DD is not yet of school age but we have recently moved to Hayes, principally for the good schools, affordable housing, good train link into London and also because it seems like there isn't so much of a mad bun fight for school places compared to other areas of London (like having to live within 200m of a school).

You have probably already done this, but if you go to the Bromley council website and the education section and applying for school places, there is a page in the booklet which tells you (for the last 3 years) how far away the furthest pupil lived who was offered a place, so you can look at houses which are likely to fall within the "catchment" of a particular school.

People I have met are all quite glowing about the primary schools in Hayes/WW and also about the Langley schools (single sex) and Hayes secondary (mixed).

WW has more of a centre than Hayes and also has a swimming pool but Hayes is easier to get out of London. Both have small libraries. I would say they are much of a muchness really - it is less than a 5 min drive between the two. If you need the London train line then we found it much easier to find houses nearer the station in Hayes rather than WW.

There are lots of children's classes in the general Bromley area. The downsides I would say about the area are that there are no lovely parks in Hayes/WW (like in London) - there are playgrounds and "recs" but not really any parks where you can walk around and take a picnic to (apart from Kelsey park in Beckenham which is lovely but is a 10 min drive from Hayes). The other thing is that it does feel very suburban and it doesn't feel like an area brimming with young professional people.

Sorry, I don't know where you are coming from and what sort of thing you are expecting but if there is anything else I can help with then feel free to PM me.

Rose50 Sat 09-Jul-11 09:35:57

I agree with jacw - these areas are very suburban but very family friendly - with lots going on for children. They are quite similar, and both very nice areas to live. I live in Bromley, but I go to a play group in Hayes and know some people whose children go to Hayes primary - and they love it. Both Hayes primary and secondary schools are very well regarded. Property prices within the Langley catchment areas are quite a bit higher, because of the schools.

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