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considering private school - infants

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bacon Sat 25-Jun-11 12:43:01

DS1 goes to a nice church school in a "nice" area. General concenous its got nice children hence average border-line teaching. Reception this year is a massive 34 children - DS2 due to start in two years time so thats concerning me.

Lots of mums agree its not a brilliant school, even though I like the christian element I'm not happy with lots of things. His behaviour isnt the best, his progress is ok (not that I'm over pushy as I am average intelligence) but what I think is important is sports (absolutely rubbish in his school), music and social skills.

The comps in this area are terrible so I would consider the private at that stage anyway.

The fees are around £560 plus per month in infants. 12-15 in a class. Its not posh and defo not in a posh town!

At what age should I really consider this option? Is it really worth it, all that additional money? Any hidden costs? Is it worth worrying about it more at 11 plus. The money tie worry you and its endless? Even if we decide to pay these fees there will be no holidays/memberships etc - is it really worth it?

TheMitfordsMaid Sat 25-Jun-11 12:49:51

All depends on the schools themselves.

I think small class sizes can be a problem, personally. Such small friendship groups can't be good, and I do wonder how these children cope in bigger groups later on.

I think there is huge benefit in going to the local school with local children.

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