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What does a PA secretary do?

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treedelivery Fri 24-Jun-11 17:55:56

Because I am one and I haven't a clue!

I've only just been appointed and want to look like I have a clue, so any tips would be great. I've never done anything like this before but have attended as many PA meetings as possible.

Ours is a small PA in a small-ish school, it holds the usual fairs and so one and does a great job. I don't want to foul up!

hocuspontas Fri 24-Jun-11 18:03:37

Writes newsletters and pleas for help and photocopies them 250 times. Makes sure PA letters get distributed to each family. Organises and sticks up posters etc. Empties PA box and collates and distributes correspondence to correct people (treasurer, chair, school etc). Takes minutes at meetings and copies in relevant people. Cobbles together agenda for next meeting. Makes sure everyone knows about dates, meetings, change of arrangements etc.

And loads of other stuff I haven't thought of!

treedelivery Fri 24-Jun-11 18:17:21

Oh life. That sounds like organising. Hmmm.

I can posters and letters. Am good at that.

May need help with the minutes and agenda etc. oo er. I need to get a printer that works.

Thank you hocuspontas.

redskyatnight Fri 24-Jun-11 19:09:01

Well in a nice ideal world your PA should have a "job" spec. Because really IME it varies.

For example hocuspontas has given a good list of likely jobs. However in our PA, some of those jobs would be done by publicity rep and some by the chair. And on top of that list our secretary evaluates "junk" mail and passes on regular info, coordinates CRB and other checks, keeps memberships active ...

I would suggest you ask what is expected. They are probably expecting you do to everything the last secretary did. grin

RoadArt Sat 25-Jun-11 21:57:39

Job spec would be great, however, it is usually a role that will develop around the efficiency of the person doing the job.

One main priority is to find out any specifics that previous secretaries have done, so that you know it is your responsibility. Quite often, in the past, something will have automatically happened and you are supposed to use your crystal ball to continue with this action. If anyone that has been around for a while can update you with everything that has been previously done, you can develop a job spec from that

Also talk to the previous secretary and ask for her indepth involvement in updating you with everything

Primavera Sun 26-Jun-11 13:22:38

Hello all - I am looking for advice on moving to WW/Hayes. All schools look v good on paper - have not been able to visit as live overseas now. Am soon to return and buy a house - then apply for school (guess we will be on waiting lists for Jan 2012) for my DS & DD at primary. We want to choose a house within catchment of a good secondary as well (am thinking Hayes or Langley). Does one area have more facilities/nicer parks/clubs for kids/things for adults to do than the other? Any tips welcome! TIA.

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