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Child care vouchers- salary sacrifice reception at private school

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deca Thu 23-Jun-11 14:01:57

I have read in forums that I can use the salary sacrifice vouchers up to the term my child turns 5.
She attends a pre-school at private school and I will keep her there.
I pay using the vouchers at the moment. I contacted the voucher provider as I was not sure if I could use the vouchers up to the term she is 5 or if include the term she is 5.
The scheme operator told “Once the child is in full time education the care 4 payments can no longer be used”

Have anyone used vouchers (salary sacrifice) to pay for reception classes at private school for a child under 5?
If yes, is it down the operator?
Any advise is greatly appreciate.

icancancan Thu 23-Jun-11 19:46:15

it was down to whether the school accepted them for us. we had to pay full fees and were unable to use the childcare vouchers from the term after our ds turned 5. check with your schools finance person.

dixiechick1975 Thu 23-Jun-11 21:00:19

My DD is just finishing private reception.

We pay fees monthly.

They were happy to take the childcare vouchers (computershare) until she was of legal school age i.e start of the term after she turned 5. DD was 5 in Jan - last voucher payment April - we started paying by monthy Direct Debit in May instead of vouchers.

I asked the bursar and she was happy to accept them.

They will still take vouchers for aftercare or holiday care.

Your child also still qualifies for the 15 hour eyfs grant until legal school age - school knocked it off the fees - was worth £100 a month off the fees to us obviously summer born children saved even more. School claim it - we sign for it every term exactly the same way nursery did.

The LA tried to say reception weren't entitled - I looked into it, rules were quite clear a child in eyfs was eligible - wrote a letter and they imediately backed down.

Lizcat Fri 24-Jun-11 15:00:44

It depends on whether the school is registered with Ofsted for the EYFS. We could use them up to the term she turned 5. Now she is over 5 we can use them for care/clubs provided outside the core school hours 8.40 am to 4pm.

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