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Henry maynard E17 vs Handsworth school E4

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luckyjames Wed 22-Jun-11 14:13:12

Can anyone give me info/opinions regarding Henry Maynard infants/juniors school in E17 and/or Handsworth school in E4 please? We have a very reserved child and would like a school which would be able to support him. We live inbetween the 2, would probably not be able to get into any of them due to distance anyway but would appreciate your opinions. Would especially like to hear from parents who have kids attending one of these 2 schools. What the teachers are like, the school work, the children. Are the kids happy? Anyone who has a reserved child going to one of these schools and how are they doing there?

skewiff Sun 26-Jun-11 22:03:42

These schools are not actually that near each other are they?

Would you be planning to move near to either of them. Sorry to be nosey. Just wondering why you are considering such far apart options.

My son has a place at Henry Maynard to start this September. I think it is a very good school and works towards teaching and treating kids as individuals. So its caters for all types.

Why have you chosen these two schools?

luckyjames Mon 27-Jun-11 10:51:43

Henry maynard is near us. We have a friend whos children are going to Handsworth. It is meant to be the best in Waltham forest therefore, yes we were considering moving. Our child is very reserved and quiet (not at home) and we were concerned with Henry maynard having a large proportion of children who doesn't speak English, teavhers would have to work on these children and i was worried that my son might miss out for being quiet.

Adair Mon 27-Jun-11 10:54:18

I really don't think that is something to worry about - they are all new to school. Yes, a child who is reserved needs care but I think most reception teachers are pretty caring!

Rosebud05 Mon 27-Jun-11 22:39:08

Have you visited either of them?

skewiff Mon 27-Jun-11 22:41:31

I know what you mean, but I have spoken to so many parents of children who go to Henry Maynard and they are all so pleased with it, that I get the feeling that it is a school that looks out for all children regardless of how much their extra needs might be.

SydneyB Tue 28-Jun-11 09:40:49

Go and visit them. HM is a fantastic school but perhaps it won't suit your LO. It is big but I think it does a brilliant job of making it feel small and cosy, especially in Reception which is separated off from the rest of the infants in some ways. I don't know anything about Handsworth I'm afraid but whatever you decide make sure you live on the doorstep. As I'm sure you know, there is a massive shortage of primary school places in E17 this year and a lot of schools, inc some of the smaller single class intake school have been made to take 2 or even 3 bulge classes this year.

SydneyB Tue 28-Jun-11 09:42:27

Oh and ALL London schools have a large majority of kids with English as a second language, and I really, really don't think that's something you should worry about. Well, at least it doesn't worry me smile

sianieb576 Mon 02-May-16 20:11:04

I hope you can help .. Have just moved into the area , my little girl is 8 and we have been offered places in Henry Maynard and st marys c of e school .. They are both such brilliant schools m, it seems , but obviously I don't know .. Can anyone give me their opinion of these schools ?
Cheers smile

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