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student teacher

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onethingafteranother Mon 20-Jun-11 13:47:00

My DS's class has had a student teacher for some weeks now and will continue to do so until the end of term (year 4). DS says student teacher does not like my son. I started off by saying "dont be silly of course he does".

However the things my son tells me does make me think there might be some truth in it. Examples are, not marking my son's work even though he put his hand up (were told to put hand up when needed it marked). Teacher went to everybody except DS. DS eventually went up to ask him, teacher said sit down but still did not look at his work. Son said that whenever he puts his hand up to answer as question the teacher ignores him. When no one else has put their hand up the teacher will tell the class the answer without still asking my son.

DS said he has stopped finishing his work and just sits there and teacher has not noticed. Son knows he is wrong to not do his work but he said why bother if teacher isn't?

Teacher has put son's name on the board along with other children for talking when lining up to go into class (they have to miss some playtime). Son said he wasnt talking but teacher still left his name up on the board. Luckily Son's actual teacher was there and knew son was not involved so deleted his name. (my son has never been in trouble ever and gets on well with usual teacher).

In PE, student teacher took the cricket bat off my son and criticised him for not being able to hit the ball (teacher gave him two chances, gave other children many and some also did not hit the ball but teacher said nothing).

Son has told me many more things the teaacher has said/done and he is now reluctant to go to school. There are only five weeks left so am not sure how to deal with this. I really dont see the point of going into school now.

Any advice?


PaisleyLeaf Mon 20-Jun-11 13:52:44

So is his actual teacher still around, mentoring the student or something?
If so I think I would pop in and have a little chat with them.
For your son, but also because it sounds like this student has a problem that needs to be brought to attention and addressed.

grubbalo Mon 20-Jun-11 13:55:47

Hi onething

I know there are only 5 weeks left but I still think you should do something for the greater good or whatever. It is obviously tricky as you are only hearing one side of the story but if there is a problem then apart from anything else, the student teacher needs to learn how to deal with discipline and making sure children understand what the problem is. I'm not saying that your son is being badly behaved but it might be a way to approach the problem, i.e. going to the regular teacher and saying that it seems as though your son has not hit things off well with the student, and if there is some sort of problem you'd really like to be able to liase with the school and the student to clear things up.

Tricky one though, good luck.

onethingafteranother Mon 20-Jun-11 13:56:51

Hi Paislefleaf,

Apparently his actual teacher has been off covering for other teachers. He also went on the year 6 residential recently. Son said student teacher is ok when actual teacher in class but he is not there that often.

onethingafteranother Mon 20-Jun-11 14:01:33

Hi Grubbalo

I think I will go in and have a word.

I had a chat with son's actual teacher last week, popped in with son to look for a missing trainer. His teacher was saying how the school year had gone very quickly and how well my son 's school work was always good, how mature he was etc.

mnistooaddictive Mon 20-Jun-11 14:06:20

I think this is probably a case if your don perceiving the teacher doesn't like him and bending the evidence. I doubt he is fling it deliberately but with this view he will take to heart anything negative and forget anything positive. I would have a quiet word with the student along the lines that your son finds it difficult to adjust to him.
I have had students (only a few) convinced I hate them when it gas not been the case, and when you point out all the good things, there parents have never been told of them and it can be sorted out.

aries12 Mon 20-Jun-11 14:15:00

Are you sure your son is telling all sides to the story? It may well be a personality thing I doubt if the student teacher is ignoring him or punishing him if he does not deserve it. Your son may have a different perception to what exactly is going on. Children are great at painting themselves in a positive light! I suppose you should keep in mind it is a student teacher and they too have a lot to deal with. Next you should perhaps ask to speak to the teacher in charge of the class, explain your concerns...if there is a genuine problem he teacher willl know about it. There may be only five weeks left but that can be a long time for a child who is genuinely bothered about something.

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