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Prep schools

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littletinkers Fri 17-Jun-11 21:42:50

We are thinking of sending our twins to prep school. Does anyone know any of the following: Viva et Pax, North London International School, Grimsdell School, The Academy Hampstead. We are also contemplating Devonshire House (went to see it and all seemed a bit overly serious and dull!) and Northbridge House.

mumteacher Sat 18-Jun-11 23:08:58

Are you thinking of jusrt prep schools or are you also considering schools like Habs? If so there are loads of threads on the 'big' private school in primary education.

100lilgreen Sun 19-Jun-11 00:37:41

If just prep schools, North Bridge House seems to get everyone excited. It gets the kids into great secondary schools and everyone seems to love it. Grimsdell is good but the preo, Belmont, and senior, Mill Hill, def seems to be the school that people go to when they haven't got in anywhere else but more the less it seems to have nice space and still produces great kids. Devonshire House is very english yet also seems good and is in a good location. The Academy has hardly any space and seems to get lots of kids when their about 9 who dont like their current schools and prepares them well. they have good academics but thats about it as thats what they are meant for, not for sports or other activities. Habs or the Pheonix should def be ones to consider too. dont know much about nlis or vita et pax.

Jubato Sun 19-Jun-11 06:59:43

These schools seem very spaced out. Vita is in Southgate, NLIS is in Finchley area and Devonshire is in Hampstead(?) I'd take distance from home into account, for instance, Vita is a good school but I certainly don't think it is worth travelling (or moving) all the way from Hampstead.

littletinkers Sun 19-Jun-11 22:24:46

Thanks for that - we are on the move hence school not location is the issue

mikulkin Mon 27-Jun-11 09:55:46

My kid is currently in North London International School. It depends what you plan for your children. it is a nice school, quite relaxed though, the homework takes about 20 minutes per day max. They follow IB programme, i.e. do not prepare children for British system education or for secondary school intake. Results from tests are not shared with parents and students. Also the school is very far in north. We live in Hampstead area and the commute time on school bus is about 1,5 hour. I am taking him out of school after summer and plan to place him in either Devonshire House or North Bridge House school.

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