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The High Achiever Award

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TennisFan Fri 17-Jun-11 17:17:30

that's it really, at my DD's class (age 7) the teacher hands out the High Achiever award on a Friday.
At the start its usually given out to the really good kids, who give no bother in class etc - and then later in the year you might get it for 'walking nicely in a line' or 'good writing' or no particular reason.

Towards the end of the year, the teacher normally makes sure that even the naughty children might get it for something.

My DD is no angel, she is really bright so will be no trouble to teach reading, maths etc; is musical and sporty so can be relied upon to join in everything going - but I know she can be a bit of a handful as she likes to be in charge and organise everything. But we have not been called into the teacher once this whole year for behavour problems.

There is only one week left now (in NI) for getting the award, and my DD is really upset , she knows everyone else has had it at least once. Even the really naughty kids have got it. She knows is means nothing really, but it still annoys her that she didnt get it.

Should i say something to the teacher? I am tempted, as it will make me feel better. I dont think it is right to exclude a child at this age.


SE13Mummy Fri 17-Jun-11 19:53:23

Yes, mention it. It is probably an oversight as very few teachers will actively exclude children from things.

As a KS2 teacher in a school that does something similar, I will admit to struggling with this sort of system. I do my utmost to ensure that the reasons I award certificates are 'proper' and will mean something to that particular child, at their particular stage of development (be that cognitive or behavioural). There is one child in my class who has yet to be awarded their certificate but their turn will come next week (I have a list on the inside of my cupboard so know exactly who has had one).

In DD1's class (Y1) one of the children hasn't received a certificate yet and so, this week simply told their teacher... DD1 came home declaring, "I expect X will get a certificate next week because she's worked hard all year and hasn't had her certificate yet... she told Mrs Y about it and I said to X that Mrs Y would definitely sort it out because she's a very fair teacher".

So, either speak to the teacher yourself or encourage your DD and her friends to ask. No-one will mind!

Happymum22 Fri 17-Jun-11 23:08:02

Maybe phrase it in a jokey way that 'Emily (or DDs name) has been keeping tabs on the awards and knows exactly who and hasnt had it. It seems to mean a lot to her! Funny what pleases little minds!..then change the subject' by dropping it in your reminding her, but not being pushy or saying you expect her to get it- just pointing out your DD has noticed, it upset and that it would please her to get it.
Or tell your DD to politely tell the teacher she has noticed everyones had it and she feels upset and so would like to try and get it this week'
Or just go for it and say straight out!..You get a new teacher soon anyway!

piprabbit Fri 17-Jun-11 23:10:11

Yes, say something.

joshandjamie Sun 19-Jun-11 19:11:15

My son (also 7) is in a class of 20 kids split across three year groups (years 2,3 and 4). He is the only one who has not received an achievers certificate this year. It isn't bothering him. It is bothering me. Either they think he has done nothing to deserve one (which I find hard to believe because they seem to give them out for seriously meaningless things) or because he's quiet in class and is therefore overlooked.

So I mentioned it to his teacher this week. Her reply (and she's very honest) was that they normally don't think about it till the last minute before assembly and then just pick whoever is top of mind due to something that day. Which I think is seriously rubbish.

She did say that he really should have had one as he's the stalwart of the class and can think of many things he's done that justifies him getting one (not sure she was just saying that to make me happy). But I hate the fact that if he gets one now, it will be because I've asked and not because they think he deserves one.

So I feel your irritation

Hassled Sun 19-Jun-11 19:12:29

Definately say something. Teacher hasn't been keeping track.

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