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what happens if the LA are late giving you an appeal date??

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enasharples Thu 16-Jun-11 19:01:40

Words of advice & encouragement needed please for a new girl!
We are appealing for a Y3 place. I sent my appeal letter off on 5.5.11. 40 days have apssed since that , & the 40 days until the end of term are up tomorrow. When I rang yesterday they just said they had a huge backlog ! I'm stressed enough as it is, so is my daughter as we can't tell her where shes going yet & a lot of transition work has started at her school.If any experts can help I'd be very grateful. thanks

Quote from The ACE website: Primary admissions round - Within 40 school days of lodging the appeal or before the end
of the summer term, whichever date is sooner

prh47bridge Thu 16-Jun-11 19:47:17

The rule is 40 school days. Weekends and school holidays don't count. It isn't anywhere near 40 school days since you submitted your appeal. There is no rule about 40 days to the end of term. And the answer to your question is that nothing happens. Unless you can show you have been disadvantaged by the delay (unlikely) there is no come back.

enasharples Thu 16-Jun-11 20:08:00

thank you - I was counting all the days, not just school ones, & misread it as 40 days before the end of term.

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