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Middle School E-Safety Policy

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vintageteacups Mon 13-Jun-11 11:57:45

DD (9) is starting at middle school this year (another county) and the school has just sent me its E-safety Policy.

I know I'm being a bit PFB about it probably but it all seems so advanced for dd to understand. They have to sign the policy stating that they'll abide by the Act of 19... and data protection bla bla bla etc.

DD isn't old enough to actually understand what these acts are for so a bit weird signing to agree by them.

Also, it says the school cannot prevent from time to time, some 'objectional' material being seen but in that case, for the child to report it.

Surely the child has to actually know it's unsuitable in order to report it?

I don't know - the whole policy seems way too grown up in my eyes.
In year 5, will they be actually typing all their work on the computer and using the internet to research all their work or is this mainly in ICT and for projects?

Even if you google 'girls cars', which could easily be done by a 9 yr old quite innocently, it comes up with some hmm pictures straight away - topless women and very provocative pictures. I don't want dd to see all this in yr 5!!!

Blooming computers!!!

IndigoBell Mon 13-Jun-11 12:03:52

The school will have all sorts of software on it's PCs to stop those images coming up.

But they can't 100% guarantee that one image won't ever slip through.... They're just covering themselves.

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