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primary school visits - any tips for questions and what to expect?

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shelley72 Sun 12-Jun-11 09:39:21

we are due to visit a primary school tomorrow ahead of trying to choose schools for our application for 2012 entry. as you may have seen on previous threads we dont have an awful lot of choice in where DS is going to end up unfortunately but thought we would still visit a variety of schools in our area (and also near to work in neighbouring LA) just to get an idea of what we do and dont like.

anyway what kind of things will they be asking us? am worried as have done no homework except reading their website and reports. also what should we be asking them? i can only think of basic things, like how do they help children settle (DS isnt great with change), if they last year accepted pupils from out of LA, what secondary school they feed to etc. a friend said that she quizzed schools on a gifted scheme and grammar school entrance shock. we surely dont need to be thinking that far ahead do we? DS is only 3 how can i know already if he is going to be that way inclined (failing mummy alert)???

does anyone have any tips? like i say its our first visit and i feel very nervous blush

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