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TEACHERS! Sending a Thank you letter - who to send one to - or send several?

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pretentiouswasteoftime Sat 11-Jun-11 19:26:43

My DS who is autistic with ADHD has had a fantastic year at school. He went into Yr3 from the infant school barely able to read or write and achieveing W or P7/8 for reading and Maths etc. The school have been amazing and have supported me all the way in getting a Statement of SEN for him. The lovely class teacher spent lots of time getting to know DS and worjking with him, in addition the school provided 17 hours of 1-1 support immediately and prior to getting the Statement too.
DS was placed into groups for Maths and Literacy to help him and the school have tackled his difficulties in a sensitive way.

DS has just been assessed for Maths and has progressed from "W" (below NC1) to Level 2a in 9 months - the school are over the moon with DS and he had a special mention from the headteacher in the newsletter yesterday for his achievement. In addition he has recently begun to read with confidence which I think is down to the medication for ADHD which he has just started taking (since March).

More than anything else though, they have taken a child who was feeling as though he was useless and couldn't do anything and have given him his self esteem back. They've bought software to help him with social communication and encourage him to write stories on this with support if there are difficulties. They have praised him when he has done well and tackled the less charming habits (storming from the clasroom when irked hmm).

He still has his difficulties with the social communication side but his confidence in his ability to keep up with his peers academically has soared and tbh I think iot's down to the fabulous SEN support and teaching he's had.

I want to write a letter of thatks to the school because I am so absolutely grateful for everything they have done to support DS. Who do I send it to for maximum impact - governers or head? I am buying a seperate something for the LSA and the class teacher but would like them to see a copy of the letter too.

beautifulgirls Sat 11-Jun-11 19:33:50

Send it to the head and the governers. What a lovely story and I am so pleased for your DS.

mumofboy Sat 11-Jun-11 20:11:30

Please send a copy to everyone involved, it's so lovely to have letters like that - it'll make their day.

gordongrumblebum Sat 11-Jun-11 20:47:12

If we get letters like that, they are put up in the staffroom for everyone to see, It will certainly be VERY appreciated.

I had an LSA who worked 1:1 with a demanding ADHD/autistic boy last year. She was brilliant. The parents didn't even acknowledge her existence at the end of the year. I was very sad for her.

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