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Anyone know vivat et pax?

(3 Posts)
littletinkers Thu 09-Jun-11 05:48:03

thinking of applying for vivat et pax in south gate. Anyone got any personal experience of it? Thanks

cinderellasmummy Thu 09-Jun-11 08:54:07

think it is good school. we got considered it for reception but they wanted terms fees within 7 days last december for place in september 2011 which put us off. also class size was going to be 27 and i thought advantage of private school is small class size

sweetmelody Thu 09-Jun-11 13:43:24

cinderellasmummy - which school did you go for in the end, out of interest? Vita is on my list but havent seen it and open days not until October. 27 in a class would put me off too

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