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Waiting list for reception place - diff wording on admissions and supp info form

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testbunny Wed 08-Jun-11 21:41:41

Hi there,

DD is on the waiting list for a reception place at a local catholic primary school under their category for other church goers.

The admissions criteria for the school states 'committed members of other Christian denominations' (Category 8). However, the supplementary form used to assess commitment says 'members of a faith community'. Our family are committed members of our local CofE church (we attend regularly and play an activie role in its activities). This isnt up for discussion.

However, a little girl is ahead of our daughter on the waiting list even though they dont go to church regularly ('a couple of times a year') or take part in any of the church activities, as the priest signed the form and they live closer. The priest knows the family but said that she would never have signed the form had it been explicit of any commitment to the church by the family (nb. the only other option to given to the priest was 'this family is not known to me' which wasn't true)

The school has said that the priest signed the form so it was her mistake. However, the form didnt have the word 'committed' at the beginning of 'member of the faith community' so didnt match with the wording in the admissions criteria.

My question is which takes precidence - the admissions criteria which stated 'committed member' or the supplementary form which simply says 'member'?

Any advice would be much appreciated! It just doesnt seem right that our daughter clearly fulfils the admissions criteria but is behind the other child who doesnt fulfil the criteria but got into the category because of wording.


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