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Opinions of level please ladies!

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gordongrumblebum Wed 08-Jun-11 20:14:03

A narrative piece and instructions. Please give opinions:

One snowy day there was a girl called Amy and Amy work up and got out-of-bed and went down sters and saw all the snow Snow she bilt a snowman with eyes and wars and nose and mouts and then he came a life and he went to the chirc and over house. Over clouds and he went with Amy. Amy was exited. In a half an awer to ge back. To go to bed to sleep because she was very very very tierd. She cudunt get to sleep so she went down sters and she show that her snowman was melted.

How to get ready fo PE
1. What you need two pumps and shorts
2. First line up quickly by the door.
3. Next walk up the corridor sensibly.
4. After get you p.e. bag from your peg
5. Then come back go to your place.
6. Slowly take your dress off.
7. After fold you clouths up neatly.
8. Carfully pull your ts over your head then get your shourts on and then put your pumps on.
9. Finally sit quoitly on the carpet crossed leged folded arms.

Thank you.

lovecheese Wed 08-Jun-11 20:29:44


gordongrumblebum Wed 08-Jun-11 20:33:22

Just interested! grin

DeWe Wed 08-Jun-11 20:43:20

I remember the instruction lists being done in year 1 with dd1. The teacher got them doing instructions for buttering a piece of bread, then did their instructions. One child kept saying pick up the knife and the teacher did exactly as she said and ended up trying to butter the bread holding 4 knives. Had them all in hysterics. Very funny.

lechatnoir Wed 08-Jun-11 21:23:52

I'd say Y2? Mind you my eldest is 5 so maybe not the best judge grin)

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