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ds's report card - he is inconsistantly consistant?????????????

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Lindax Tue 07-Jun-11 21:25:05

ds just had glowing P2 report card <very proud mum>

Lanuages "....consistantly reads with fluency and expression......" grin
Maths "....calculations are sound and he is a consistant with great enthusiam....." grin
PE "...consistently gives his best...." grin
Art, Drama " his best at all times....."

Then teachers additional comments are positive, but end with "...there are some occasions when ds doesn't give his best and I would like to see a more consistant approach...." confusedconfused

I need to fill in parents comments now, how about -

"I am really pleased with ds's report card this year. We have discussed with him his inconsistant consistancy and he will try harder to give his best where you think he is already giving it"

Seriously, I'm I missing something subtle the teacher is trying to say? Would you comment on this or let it slide?

Hassled Tue 07-Jun-11 21:30:58

All the same teacher? If so then yes, your comment is fair enough really, but probably best if you go in to see her.

Lindax Tue 07-Jun-11 21:54:58

there are 4 x P2 classes at his school and they go to different level groups for maths, and PE is another teacher.

its only signed by class teacher

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