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on "reserve" list for reception place and dont know what to do!

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cinderellasmummy Tue 07-Jun-11 17:38:08

we didnt get any of our choices for primary school but were 3rd on the "reserve" list for the outstanding primary school at the end of my road (0.3 miles away). we were quite hopeful about getting a place when we found out result at beginning of april as they have an intake of 60 and thought that in london people are always going to move, however we are now 5th on list and i am thoroughly depressed as i think we will just keep moving down as other parents in area who didnt get any school or school they like will rent flats in block next to school. i didnt expect that the council would let people move ahead of everyone who applied daughter only turned 4 last week so am considering not sending her to school until she gets a place. does anyone have any thoughts about whether realisitically 5th place is likely to get her in before september?

lovecorrie Tue 07-Jun-11 17:44:23

You still have a chance - we were 2nd for our dd last year and went down a couple, but finally got the place offered in August!! Don't give up yet.

nlondondad Tue 07-Jun-11 18:04:46

I can see that moving DOWN the list is deeply discouraging for you. You did not mention what the intake is for the school, usually 30 (one form entry) or 60 (two form entry). if its a one form entry "worst case " for this discussion what you need is for five children out of 34 to not, in the event take up places in the autumn. This is actually reasonably likely BUT may not be clear until the end of the first week of school. if its two form entry then you need five children out of 64 not to take up places so odds better.

prh47bridge Tue 07-Jun-11 20:41:23

I'm afraid the council has no choice about allowing late applicants to go ahead of you if they are higher in the school's admission criteria. That is laid down by the Admission Code. However, if people are claiming to live in flats next to the school whilst actually living elsewhere that is a fraudulent application. The council should investigate any reports of people lying about their address. If they find that someone has given a false address they can withdraw any place that has been offered.

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