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Playground Policy/Rules

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BlueberryPancake Tue 07-Jun-11 10:47:30

There has been a number of accidents at my son's school in the playground, recently. Some were accidents, some were caused my a child pushing another one really hard, another one was an avoidable accident but I think there was not enough monitoring in the playground at lunchtime.

My son has been headbutted, pushed and kicked, and has now started pushing and kicking other boys in the playground. The play is very rough - and I think that the have 'crossed the line' from play fighting to dangerous fighting.

I know of four incidents within the last month or so when children have been taken to hospital and it's only a one form entry school, it s very small.

I have spoken to my son's teacher to see how he was in the class and if she thinks that he is too aggressive in the playground. She said that he wasn't, but shhe will monitor him. He is only in reception and there are always talk of fighting/kicking/attacking/chasing/tripping/fighting.

I think that the rules in the playground are not clear, not well communicated, and certainly not monitored and there are no clear consequences to aggressive behaviour.

Do you have clear rules in the playground for your school? Are they well communicated? Is there a behaviour policy that has a specific section about the playground at your school?

Many thanks for your help and sorry about the long message

UniS Tue 07-Jun-11 19:35:12

school SHOULD have a set of policeys on how playground behaviour is monitored and what sanctions are given for rule breaking/ rough play etc.

BUT - supervision levels at lunchtime may not be as high in playground as in class and may not be teachers or same staff every day so its hard to be totally consistent across all playtimes and all children.

What year groups are together in the playground? Reception kids are sometimes " set up" by bigger ones to do stuff against the rules and sometimes reception kids plain old don't remember rules and act out all manner of violent stuff they have seen in cartoons.

fumanchu Wed 08-Jun-11 14:16:23

If four children have been taken to hospital that's alarming! Supervision is totally inadequate. At my kids' 1 form entry school some reception play is within their own area (mid-morning and mid-afternoon) and Juniors have to stay on their own designated areas to avoid crashing into the little ones.

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