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Fed up with this ...

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curtaincall Mon 06-Jun-11 11:15:36

First day back after half term and ds ill again. Teacher suggested humorously he was 'allergic' to coming back after hols (off 3 days at beginning of term too) and almost 3 weeks in the Winter term. He loves school but was up dry coughing alot in the night and said he didn't feel well this morning, though no temp. Really hard to work when he's at home. Beginning to think he has poor immune system as other children don't seem to be so susceptible to catching things. In the past if we've sent him in when he's been like this, he's got worse and been off for several days. He's above average size for his age and has excellent appetite normally. Is this unusual? Wwyd?

curtaincall Mon 06-Jun-11 12:01:46

moving to Chat ...

lovecheese Mon 06-Jun-11 12:42:49

Does he have ORTitis? wink

tinytalker Mon 06-Jun-11 13:46:27

The first sign of asthma in children is often a dry, irritating, constant cough which is noticeably worse at night. If your son has no temp or signs of illness then maybe get him checked for asthma at the GP's. He may have a general feeling of being unwell due to lack of sleep and the effort of the constant cough. I have experience of this with my own dd, inhalers did the trick.

Jan010 Mon 06-Jun-11 13:49:07

If it's when he's returning to school, it's unlikely to be because he's caught something from the other school children.

Could it be that he's not sleeping well, either because his sleep pattern is disrupted, or because he's worrying about school?

curtaincall Mon 06-Jun-11 14:16:55

grin at lovecheese

curtaincall Mon 06-Jun-11 14:25:28

tinytalker shock will get this checked out at GPs later along with other ailments. One of his DhalfB has asthma as does DH so now am seriously worried. He may not have been sleeping deeply if coughing alot but in general sleeps really well and over half term was sleeping till 8/8.30am most days (though going to bed about 8.30/9).

Jan010 he doesn't worry about school and Monday esp is one of his best days when he does spelling test (normally gets them all right easily) and an extra class with some other kids which he loves. He has good friends there and says every day at school is "fantastic". He'd tell us if he was worried about something I'm sure.

emy72 Mon 06-Jun-11 14:39:14

I was just going to say that it sounds like asthma. I suffered terribly as a 6 year old child when I started school and I had exactly the same. You will be pleased to know that I grew out of it though - my asthma came back slightly when I was pregnant and it gets triggered very rarely now.

curtaincall Mon 06-Jun-11 14:47:05

thank you emy72 I'm glad you grew out of it for the most part. DH was hospitalised twice with it, before I knew him, and nearly died. We're going to bundle DS up and pop him in the car to go to GP's in a couple of hours. I can't bear to think of him being so vulnerable. Feel really sad at the thought but it seems more and more possible. In the past he's had temperatures too (but this may have been due to a virus/flu). Is this common with asthma ?

curtaincall Mon 06-Jun-11 20:32:24

Just to say we got back from GP who said he thought the dry cough was just that and nothing a spot of Tixylix wouldn't put right. Feel VERY relieved and celebrating with a Leffe wine.

Have medication for other ailments which now seem better after he took the medicine and he looks alot brighter all round. Anyway thank you all for your input.

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