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What questions do we ask when looking at schools (yr 1)?

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rebl Sun 05-Jun-11 19:03:42

We're 95% sure we're going to move our dd from her current school. We can't cope with all the problems anymore. How exactly do we "vet" the schools we're going to look at to make sure we're getting the right school for her and us and know that we're getting the right answer not the answer the head would like to think is happening?

This is really the list of things that are important to us (they are the problem areas in the current school so what we're especially keen to avoid at any new school):
1) Acceptance of disabilities or differences. (dd isn't disabled but her brother is and its stopped her getting invites and she gets a lot of nasty comments).
2) Bullying being stamped out.
3) Progression across the ciriculum being appropriate to dd's level (she's way above average reading / comprehension, average maths, below average writing, below average social skills)
4) Encouragment to be part of the school community
5) Encouragment to be part of a peer group socially
6) Ethos and attitude of the PARENTs to be inclusive. This is especially important. I don't care what the ethos of the school is because it means nothing if the parents aren't behind it.

We're not fussed by OFSTED tbh. We want to know what the school is really like and thats not OFSTED.

So how do we word the questions to get the right answers not the policitcally correct ones?

swash Sun 05-Jun-11 19:30:17

Ask how active the PTA is.

And how they manage SN kids (I would specifically mention the nasty comments and ask how they would deal with it). And how they manage Gifted and Talented kids/extension activities.

Sounds like a great idea to move imo.

rebl Sun 05-Jun-11 21:46:38


Do you think we could ask to speak to some parents or not?

teacherwith2kids Sun 05-Jun-11 22:23:44

You could perhaps ask whether a parent governor might be available to discuss the school with you? Or the chair of the PTA or something? They would have to be someone with some kind of 'official' badge, you can't really ask the school to produce a panel of random parents for you to grill...

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