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Moo1st Tue 31-May-11 20:47:21

Hi all,

We are looking to move to Hampton, Middlesex soon. Am hoping for some advice regarding schools there either state or private. Are there any schools you would be unhappy to send your children too?. We are looking at Denmead. Anyone have children there?

washedup Wed 01-Jun-11 08:34:48

Hi I moved here last autumn so this time last year was in your situation. Do you have boys, girls or a mix? What ages?

Re Denmead, I visited last year and really liked it. But it's a great boys school with a few girls dotted about. I was looking for a place for my dd. She would have joined a class of 2 girls and 16 boys, which I wouldn't have been happy about.

Moo1st Wed 01-Jun-11 12:18:53

Thanks 4 replying.
Fortunately or unfortunately ...... I have 3 boys the oldest is at reception.
Maybe d/m will be a good choice 4 us. Its a move we want to get right as don't want to move for a long long time.
Its just too stressful with the kids esp moving schools etc
We want somewhere where its friendly, a great community feel lots going on but still at the same time is nice and quiet ... If that makes any sense.. Hope we are looking in the right area?

washedup Mon 06-Jun-11 09:58:53

sorry for late response... we had a short half term holiday. I've found this area friendly, but you have the peace and quiet of Bushy Park and the river etc and good transport links into London too, so we're pleased with our move.

Other parents I have met with boys are very happy with The Mall boys school, just a few mins north of Hampton Hill High Street, and Newlands House in Strawberry Hill, also in the local vicinity. There's also Twickenham Prep, which is located, confusingly, in Hampton, which takes a mix of B&G. You have a lot of choice! If you want them to stay private and they are academically inclined, then Hampton Boys school is excellent for senior school.

Good luck with the move.

Fiddledee Mon 06-Jun-11 14:34:56

Go and look at the Mall, Newlands House and Twickenham Prep.

The Mall boys only - very academic, more so than Denmead IMO, less sporty than Newland House, new head
Newland House - mixed but 60% boys and quite boy centric IMO, good at sport and academic, new head
Twickenham Prep - less good at sport and less academic, however a gentler/smaller school with a good community atmosphere (what a state school should be like IMO)

I've met parents who are happy with all these schools, and my DC nearly went to two of them but we moved out of the area.

State schools very very oversubscribed for reception (many of my friends have no places for reception this september) - Hampton Infants, Carlisle and Collis all well regarded, you need to contact Richmond Borough to find out about places.

Moo1st Thu 16-Jun-11 13:35:29

Thanks everyone. Very informative and great help.

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