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Primary schools in denmark hill/herne hill?

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firsttimer08 Sun 29-May-11 07:45:40

We are considering moving to se london and we recently saw a property on denmark hill rd, just a cross roads with red post hill. Technically it falls into denmark hill. The EA did not know about the catchment areas. I was wondering if anyone on this forum could guide me on likely primaries in the catchment area. Wld we at all be eligible for any schools in herne hill/ dulwich or because technically the property falls into xamberwell, we shld not pin our hopes on dulwich/ herne hill schools? Thanks for reading.

PanelMember Sun 29-May-11 10:17:01

Lambeth and Southwark use distance to school rather than fixed catchment areas. If you want to check the distance at which the last place was awarded, look at the 'starting school' booklets on each LEA's website. This will probably be information about September 2010 admissions, as this year's won't have been finalised yet. The distance for the Dulwich schools will be tiny.

firsttimer08 Sun 29-May-11 22:20:15

Thanks, that is helpful. Let me check it out

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