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My son never got any of my preferred schools???

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cherylo Sat 28-May-11 21:14:19

I need some advice?!?! My second child is due to start school september, however he never got a place in any of my preferred schools. Instead he has been offered a place at possibly the worst school in the area and the tenth furthest from our home.
My older daughter attends a school very close to home, however this was not one of my preferences, although now I would much prefer my youngest to attend here than the school offered. I have put him on the waiting list, but would appeals get in first as this school was not one of my choices, even though he has a sibling?
Also I have an appeal for my first choice coming up, my son has had some medical problems and is under care of the hospital and therefore I wanted him to attend a small school, does this count as an argument? On top of that, for me to get both children to school on time would be impossible, my youngest would have to be at least 20 mins late everyday, the other schools I chose I have friends and family attending and I was relying upon them for help with this.
Really am stressed with this one, my son is a July birthday, and although I don't want to, I feel I'll have no choice but to keep him out of school until next year if I can't sort this problem!

prh47bridge Sat 28-May-11 22:05:37

If you appeal and win your daughter would be admitted automatically regardless of her place on the waiting list, so an appeal can be quicker than the waiting list. The fact your daughter's school was not one of your preferences will not affect your place in the waiting list. With a sibling already at the school I would expect your son to be at or near the head of the list assuming the school gives priority to siblings.

I'm afraid your arguments for an appeal for your first choice are unlikely to get you a place. If it is an infant class size appeal (which depends on the sizes of the classes in infants) you can only win if a mistake has been made. There is nothing in your post that indicates a mistake. Even if it isn't an infant class size appeal your arguments are very weak. Transport and child care difficulties do not make for a successful appeal in general. Your desire for him to attend a small school is also unlikely to sway the appeal panel unless you can put forward evidence from your son's GP or specialist to support your view that he needs a small school for medical reasons.

admission Sun 29-May-11 20:29:40

I would also add to PRH's post that you were proposing to have your two children at different schools based on your preferences. So trying to claim that you now need them both in one school is not going to be a realistic reason. If the LA rep and the panel do not spot that one they are all doing a lousy job!
I think you need to re-evaluate what you are going to use as your reasons and more than anything i think you need to start by saying to the panel I have made a bit of a mess of the admission process. I did not think through the problem of having children at two schools enough and realise that was a mistake. Then start to talk about the reasons that you now realise that the local school is the best school. I am not saying that it is particularly stromg arguement but it is probably the best you have in the circumstances.

Sylvaniasandwich Sun 29-May-11 22:47:02

I was in your situation and kept dd out until a place came up in a reasonable school. Her nursery was happy to keep her. Hope you sortsomething out.

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