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move dd+ds to private?! any sugg about good private preps north london?

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100lilgreen Fri 20-May-11 21:16:53

Hi, i have a ds and dd ages 8 and 6. They go to a state primary school in hampstead garden suburb, north london but unfortunately, my ds is dyslexic and my dh and i believe he would be better in a school where they would cater more for learning difficulties and help him more 1 to 1. my dd seems to like it but overall we believe a move to private is better. Can anyone give a good suggestion for schools for my dc. They don't have to go to the same one, as long as they are both good and they cater for learning difficulties. Than you so much!!

100lilgreen Fri 20-May-11 21:34:59


BranchingOut Fri 20-May-11 21:39:22

I don't know which school will be best suited to your needs, but pick up a copy of the 'Families' magazine from a children's centre or similar - they have loads of adverts for different schools etc.

Summersoon Sat 21-May-11 19:19:11

Can't comment on suitable schools for your ds but for dd Fairseat/Channing and St. Christopher's have very strong reputations - though you would almost certainly have to go on a waiting list for an occasional place. Ditto Highgate prep, this one almost certainly impossible to get into at this stage. St. Margarets Bushey perhaps - though I don't know whether you would want to trave that far out.
Also try "The Schools Guide" for an overview and informative reviews as to what is out there.
Good luck!

EdithWeston Sat 21-May-11 19:33:17

You might like to look at Fairley House (central London) as it is a school which specialises in teaching those with dyslexia and other SpLD. Pupils typically stay for 1-2 years then reintegrate to mainstream.

2stressed Sun 05-Jun-11 23:30:58

Would you consider the drive to Nlcs or jabs for DD? Both great schools.

2stressed Sun 05-Jun-11 23:32:12

Habs (stupid predictive thing on Iphone!!!)

100lilgreen Mon 06-Jun-11 00:33:27

yes maybe, but now looking at sarum hall prep in hampstead? apparently very good, know anythhing about it
was interested in channing but full

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