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Moving from state to private - St. Piran's / Highfield / Herries ??

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MuminBerkshire Sat 14-May-11 06:56:38


Am considering moving my DD to Y5 private school. Has anyone got any advice/experience about this transition? Also wanted to find out your thoughts on St. Piran's, Highfield (both in Maidenhead) and Herries (in Cookham).

Thank you

Inclusionist Sun 17-Mar-13 17:35:41

katy72 it is not an easy job to find a private school close to Marlow for a boy!

I liked Herries a lot when I visited but I didn't choose it (also have a DS) because I just don't think it's big enough for sports teams etc.

I considered Ridgeway for KS1 then Caldicott for KS2. Ridgeway has a lovely 'boy-centric' feel about the KS1 department and seemed to have good arrangements in place for supporting reading etc.

You could also perhaps consider Davenies although I have never actually visited.

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