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niyot Tue 03-May-11 23:03:28

DS is 3 will b 4 in Feb and I am panicking because I have not put his name down for any schools yet. Everyone I speak to seems to have researched and applied the soon as theY had a positive pregnancy test! Have looked at Elmshurst but would like to know more before committing. Seems like its Elmhurst or Cumnor - Help?

Ladymuck Wed 04-May-11 20:06:49

Well firstly are you sure that you want to go private - you still have time to go for state. Are you set on single sex? Are you happy to go private for secondary? Whereabouts do you live and what is a sensible commute?

niyot Fri 06-May-11 00:49:08

State would have been preferable. However the ones closest to me are not particuarly good. Have had friends complaining about schools near me Plan to go private with a view to getting into state grammar school.

Live on border of croydon and thornton heath. elmhurst 10 mins ( if not less) in the car.

Not set on single sex at all.

LavandulaFathead Mon 23-May-11 17:19:04

You probably live fairly close to where I do, niyot. If you would prefer state, The Crescent is a new state primary which is scheduled to open this year on the Croydon/Selhurst border. I don't know too much about it, but having gleaned some info from a friend, it's to be run by Jane Fairbourn as Headteacher. She was the headteacher for Southfield Park Primary in Epsom for 7 years from its inception as a new school - Southfield Park apparently soon became (and still is now) vastly oversubscribed.

However, I do have my doubts somewhat about the proposed class sizes of The Crescent. They are estimating 30 children to a class (the maximum class size allowed for infants).

Also, taking into account the other state schools near that area, I am not entirely convinced that it will be a runaway success like Southfield Park. Oval Primary, nearby on Cherry Orchard Road, has been on special measures since December last year and I worry were it to close, there would be a not-insignificant overspill into The Crescent. The cynic in me worries that The Crescent may face similar problems to Oval (especially in terms of parental support for the school and its policies).

Having said that, I'll be keeping an eye on how things go at The Crescent come September when it opens. But, like you, I'm still veering between state and private and, as you've already said, the state choices in our area are just not very good.

pinkdelight Mon 23-May-11 21:13:12

Are you near Gonville? That's outstanding and is expanding to take in a lot more children. Have also heard good things about White Horse Lane

Re. Private schools there's also Royal Russell which is mixed. Elmhurst is meant to be good and there's Virgo Fidelis further in. Don't think you need to have signed up years ago. With the recession there tends to still be places around, except for the really swanky outfits

betnik Tue 24-May-11 21:10:26

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

niyot Wed 04-Jan-12 14:11:16

Happy new year!

sorry for the very long silence. Your comments were very useful when I started to visit schools late last year.

I have now visited the crescent, whitehorse manor, park hill, david livingstone. Also had an assement at Cumnor House . Due for an assessment at Elmhurst on Sat. Betnik's comments however have put me off Elmhurst.

Lavandulafathead's comments rang in my ears at the Crescent - David Livingstone was a lovely little school.

I have a rather "boisterous" very chatty 3 year old and really want him to go to a school that is quite hot on discipline. My ds is bound to be drawn to the naughtiest child in the class no matter where I send him!!

So far Cumnor ( unsurprinsingly) stands head and shoulders above all the others I seen. Cumnor is pricey however parents I have spoken too a very happy with the school. But I wonder about the benefits of sending a child to private school at 4. Was thinking maybe wait until he is in heading to yr 3 and then transfer. This wait and see option would of course will depend on which state school they allocate him to.

Any thoughts?

darl2283 Sat 14-Jan-12 11:19:39

I have had a great deal of experience of both sectors (maintained and independent). What you get if you pay is small classes, some specialist teaching and much broader opportunities in things like music, PE and art. There is of course the guarantee that your DS will be mixing with other children whose parents can afford to pay school fees and therefore might be very different to the children that you will find in the primary schools in North Croydon. However what you will NOT get is better quality teachers or teaching.
What you seem to have done is listen to other parents views on schools rather than forming your own opinion. Only you can decide where your DS will thrive both socially and academically but if you are seriously considering maintained vs independent then you should definitely go down the independent route. If it was me i would send him to a good local primary school but with the pressure on school places in the borough you just never know which schools you will get. Lavandulafathead talks about class sizes of 30 as if it is unusual but this is what you will find in ALL the primary schools in North Croydon not just The Crescent and in fact the vast majority of schools in the country!
Hope that helps.

MindfulMe Sun 08-Sep-13 08:36:01

What did Betnik say about Elmhurst?
I'm interested, as its been deleted!

Ladymuck Sun 08-Sep-13 18:09:51

Usually posts on schools are delayed because they give away personal details which can later be traced. You can always PM if they are still a member.

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