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Meadow Primary School..anyone?

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Kaekae Thu 14-Apr-11 16:25:34

We didn't get a place at any of our chosen schools and have been allocated Meadow in Epsom, I am trying to be upbeat about it because from what I have seen it looks fine but the Ofsted is really troubling me. Haven't got friends with a child/children there, so can't ask a parents view.

I am considering going on the waiting list for The Mead Infant school as it is much closer to where we live but as it is only an infant school I am not sure whether I should just stick with Meadow. Does anyone have an experience of either of these two schools they wouldn't mind sharing with me please.

admission Thu 14-Apr-11 20:52:49

Have you been around the school?
I would actually go with your gut instinctions about the school.
I do not know the school at all. You have to read between the lines of Ofsted reports somewhat. This is a school formed from an infant / junior amalgamation in 2008 and to be honest that always causes issues. I would say the inspectors have picked up that the school have not made quite as much progress generally as they would have liked. If it is anything like most other recent infant / junior amalgamations the results at KS2 will be nothing that special. The CVA result which compares the amount of progress from KS1 to KS2 will probably be low because the KS1 result will actually be from when it was a separate school and there may have been some grade inflation, which you do not tend to get when it is a primary school. It will not be till 2012 KS2 results are available that you will see the progress being made in the primary school for KS1 tests carried out as a primary school. There is actually a comment by the inspector about better year 3 and 4 attainment due to better targeting, which is exactly what should be happening.
I suspect that this is a school that is on an upwards curve. Yes there are clearly lots of things to do but it is not a basket case based on what Ofsted have said.

Lunklet Fri 29-Jul-11 15:50:29

My DS has just left Meadow and been through both when it was separate schools and one single school. Their pastoral care is great - children are very happy there in general, lovely teachers and a first-class breakfast/after-school club. But their academic expectations are not what they might be, and their homework was patchy at best in year 6 - which is not what you want going into senior school. Do be prepared to do extra support at home if you want your child to reach their full potential.

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