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Newham (Manor Park) UTTER lack of after-school care

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prozacpopsie Tue 12-Apr-11 14:06:28

Apologies for the massive moany that is about to follow, but I'm at a total loss.

My son has just been given a place for September at a Primary in Manor Park (Newham, East London), which is great, but I'm really struggling to find after-school care for him.

There are three schemes available - none of which pick up from his school and all of which are fully booked. There are a few places with childminders (booked up) and his current nursery do after-school care but both of those are expensive and there are very few places available. Also, we'd rather he was in a scheme with kids his own age, rather than at a nursery with much younger children.

Anyone know the area and have ANY ideas about what we might do?!

I've emailed my MP, we're talking to the school (so far not very helpful) but are running out of options.

Yours, desperately....

hocuspontas Tue 12-Apr-11 14:12:04

Don't rule out the nursery as they possibly already pick up from the school. The children won't mix with the nursery children - their parents would have something to say about that I think! There's nothing more the school can do really, there is provision in place albeit not what you particularly want. Good luck!

hocuspontas Tue 12-Apr-11 14:13:30

I think that one of your options WOULD pick up from your school if needed. I think there has to be some sort of provision.

JessKM Sun 26-Jun-11 01:11:42

Is there not a community links team in the area? They pick up my chn from diff schools in East ham area nd they all meet up centrally, they do before ndd after school care and holiday care and are a fabulous bunch!

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