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advice and reassurances with year 2 dd

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darwin Wed 06-Apr-11 15:10:15

Hi we have happy girl who enjoys school, is a late summer baby, and is currently in year 2. She has been on an IEP since year 1 due to generally being behind in writing reading and maths. We try to help her as much as possible at home, guided by the teacher. She is stage 1b for writing and 1a for maths and reading. I just worry for her that she is always playing catch up, does anyone have any similar experiences ? we were thinking about a private tutor?

IndigoBell Wed 06-Apr-11 15:45:58

She's a bit behind - but not a scary amount behind.

Odds are very good she'll reach a 2c in reading by start of Y3, which will help a lot, if you read with her every day.....

Her writing is a bit worse, and will require more support, but should improve once her reading's improved....

As for whether or not to get a tutor..... Do you read with her every day? Does she enjoy reading with you or hate it? Do you feel like you know how to help her? Does she bring home books she can read easily from school?

It's great that she's on an IEP - I presume that means the school are also giving her some extra support?

Is it a primary school or does she transfer to a diff Junior school?

Lonnie Wed 06-Apr-11 15:50:09

My dd 3 is November birthday and same area and I am not at all concerned nor is her teacher as long as she has a steady aid with reading it will suddenly come and i agree with Indigo odds are she will reac the 2C by end of Y3 and be spoton target.

darwin Wed 06-Apr-11 15:55:12

thanks for your reply, yes she brings an ort book home daily and we read together although we do it on a morning as she seems to be able to concentrate better then. She is getting extra support at school and is staying at the primary school although the juniors is on a different site. I dont really feel confident in what I do with her and that made me think of a personal tutor.

IndigoBell Wed 06-Apr-11 16:02:07

You can get a personal tutor, if you can find one, and afford one.

But I would be tempted to work with her yourself for a bit longer first.

There are diff ORT books. If it's the traditional ones they are not very good.

Have you considered doing a daily program like Dancing Bears with her. This is very easy for you to do with her, and will help her with her phonics / reading.

skybluepearl Wed 06-Apr-11 19:11:17

can you try maths-whizz for a fun online maths
tutor service. it's cheaper and my kid loves it.

skybluepearl Wed 06-Apr-11 19:12:26

forgot to say that i think the reading will just bring the writing on. so read as much as poss at home.

darwin Wed 06-Apr-11 21:06:01

Thanks will continue as we are then, and will try the websites

IndigoBell Wed 06-Apr-11 21:13:05

Try for a bit longer.

If in Sep she is still a level 1 in Reading and Maths, then you might want to consider what else you can do to help her.....

Also you will be in a new school, and so they will do different interventions with her - which may be more effective.

But if in Sep she is still behind and you are not happy with the effectiveness of the support she is getting......

blackeyedsusan Wed 06-Apr-11 23:26:15

little and often, and make sure she has enough sleep.

work on the targets on the iep

darwin Fri 15-Jul-11 13:27:38

Hi just wanted to give you an update, she managed to get levels 2c in reading writing and maths in her report, she has done so well. We didn't get a tutor , read loads to her and with her, and have been using the treasure chest on line library service and we continue over the Summer. So thanks so advice xxx

Lonnie Fri 15-Jul-11 17:25:20

oh wow fantastic well done to your dd for such hard work

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