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Dallington or Charterhouse Square? Help!

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lvml Fri 01-Apr-11 16:22:13

Hi all, I was hoping someone could help me. I love both schools. One seems more structured (without being too restrictive), but I have nothing against the other's methods at all. The atmosphere in both seems lovely - which is very important as my 7 yr old is confident, chatty and very sociable but also a rather 'sensitive soul'! I want him to be happy and serene but also have a solid study routine, calm and organised environment and lots of opportunities to make the most of his abilities. He is a lovely, bright and happy child - draws, paints, sings, plays a lot at home! I simply would like the school to help us direct his abilities and support us in channelling his (huge amounts of) energy in right direction. He is a typical boy, diistracted easy and with concentration of a flea - but he is a good boy, not a rebel at all! He is very sociable and keen to learn, just needs an encouraging, positive environment and organised structure to follow. We both work full time and though we try our best to work with him at weekends and go over his homework in the evening with him - we are hoping for lots of parents/school communication and clear feedback on how things are going etc. My main worry is that although i do not want to focus on the future too much, I am also aware of how competitive and stressful the whole exam process for secondary school can be. I do not want this to come as a surprise to him, i would like him to know that school life is fun and amazing but also stressing at times and have had the opportunity to develop coping skills that will help him sit exams and follow whatever school/carreer path he wants. Sorry if i have gone on too long., first time post...! Thanks for all help in advance

PollyParanoia Fri 01-Apr-11 17:23:37

Sorry but for me neither. No outside space is a deal breaker for us.
But will say that quite a lot of people I know or know of move their children from dallington at this age ie 7 or 8 because, tho it's fab for little ones, they felt their kids outgrew it. Actually have heard this for charterhouse too. Very anecdotal and the only first hand experience I have is the open day.

mumtolawyer Fri 01-Apr-11 21:21:32

Have you also looked at the Lyceum on Paul Street, near City Road? If not, suggest you do. My DD goes, and there is another poster called Summersoon whose child was there (now in secondary). No own outside space, but the Lyceum uses parks, the Artillery Ground on City Road, etc.

Music and singing excellent, academics tailored to the child- stretched but not stressed, small classes. Teaching calm and quiet, not too much homework, gears up for 11+ later on but not stressy. Good after school clubs. Most get their choice of secondary.

PM me or search my previous posts (or Summersoon) for more.

Summersoon Fri 01-Apr-11 22:28:49

Hi there mumtolawyer! smile

I have posted quite a bit on this topic lvml but feel free to post questions on here or pm me if you like.

timetomove Fri 01-Apr-11 22:35:06

Gosh those schools are about as different as you can get! If you are moving you son at 7 it would be helpful to understand why you are moving him from his current school.

mumtolawyer Sat 02-Apr-11 14:20:52

Hi Summersoon! (sorry for hijack).

damsels Sat 02-Apr-11 14:57:03

Dallingtons is a lovely school. Which seems to nurture the individual. My step daughter is there and thriving.
We went around both schools and we were v unimpresed by the art work at charterhouse, all the collage pictures seemed identikit. Also we really didn't like the bring your cheque book to the open day attitude (though if he's entering at seven you've probably missed that).

trifling Mon 04-Apr-11 20:37:09

Does anyone have any opinions about dallington in the higher years? Is it challenging enough and likely to feed into competitive n london secondaries eg latymer, city?

lvml Mon 11-Apr-11 16:21:53

Thank you so much for all your replies. I only managed to get back on today but really grateful for your help. x

lvml Mon 11-Apr-11 16:24:27

I am just worried about Dallington being too easy going and then him having a terrible shock when he has to face the real competitive attitude of secondary schools in London.

Dalstonparent Thu 31-Jan-13 13:47:25

Am looking around at schools in this area of London, and Dallington has come out tops for us. Seems like an idyllic, village-style school with great arty vibe, small class-sizes and big rooms with lots of light. Another plus are the parents: if I am correct from observing drop off/pick up time it attracts a hip and interesting mix of arty/media types. Not at all stuffy. Which we like! That said, we did note that sports isn't big, nor all the after-school clubs you get offered at other private schools. In a nutshell what I like about Dallington is that it appears to be a lovely little bubble in which children can be children for as long as possible.

middlesqueezed Thu 31-Jan-13 17:24:12

Are you asking for advice Dalstonparent or just commenting? Not sure as this thread is quite old and the OP has probably found a school by now. smile

user1486335391 Sun 05-Feb-17 23:43:24

2017 - DS is in reception at dallington- its really a small family run school
DS has been there 2 years now- he started at 3-

dallington isnt pushy at 5 and we like the emphasis on play and creativity -
they arent pushing you into phonics -

its not slack or lacking in discipline - kids get on and learn and do things all day- its easy going - but its very focussed - we get lots of art coming home almost every day
we feel it matches our sons temperament for exploration and learning-
DS is happy to goto school - and happy when we pick him up
parents are friendly-

Sports arent big - but the summer sports day is a riot - its amazing fun-
there are enough after school clubs to keep the 5 year old happy-

Abi and mogg hercules - who run the school- seem to us to be quite open and friendly - and always working to improve things and make the school better-

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