John Betjeman Poetry Competition

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GirlsparklesAbel Fri 18-May-18 16:06:03

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JBetjeman Fri 22-Apr-11 12:11:00

Thanks to all for sharing the link for the John Betjeman Poetry Competition.

Lemonmousse, mumgogerry, completelybonkers - we will be lowering the age limit for the John Betjeman Poetry Competition next year.

Following the presentation of the prizes on the station concourse, The St Pancras Renaissance Hotel will be hosting an afternoon tea event for all winning entrants, their friends and teachers on October 4th.

Free online entry for 10-13 year-olds at Competition closes on 31st July.

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Girlsgirlsgirls Tue 05-Apr-11 17:44:10

Thank you for this link

mungogerry Tue 05-Apr-11 17:03:59

Shame my 4 are all under this age limit. I have forwarded it to the head at my daughters primary school though incase the top two years are interested. Thanks

lemonmousse Tue 05-Apr-11 17:03:25

That does sound lovely - I work in Primary so I will mention it to our Year 6 teacher.

Pity it starts at age 10 - our year 2 children have written some lovely poems recently.

completelybonkers Tue 05-Apr-11 16:35:54

That's sounds like a really good challenge. Unfortunately, my two are either side of the age bracket so can't take part but I shall spread the word.

How ironic that your post has no other responses to date - we all get so wrapped up in the topics that are discussed relentlessly. It's refreshing to see something entirely new!

JBetjeman Mon 28-Mar-11 23:02:07

I would like to encourage Mumsnet subscribers to tell their children to enter this year's John Betjeman Poetry Competition The theme is 'place' and the competition is open to 10 - 13 year olds until the closing date of 31st July. The first prize is £1000. The winner, runner-up, and second runner-up will each win four standard class tickets from St Pancras International to Paris, Brussels or Lille. The top six entrants will win prizes of £50 book tokens.

The John Betjeman Poetry Competition seeks to foster a love of poetry in young people. It is our aim to support literacy and creativity, encouraging children aged 10-13 to explore the world they see around them through rhythm and language. The Patron of our trust is Joanna Lumley.

Each child is invited to send in (by post or online) one poem on the theme of ?place?. They can choose anywhere that is important to them ? from their bedroom to somewhere they visited on holiday, from their favourite park to their favourite building. The subject of their poem could be a city or a garden or a beach or a street. We are asking you to capture in words what that place means to them.

Winners of the poetry competition are invited to read their poems aloud to an audience of judges, entrants, teachers and parents as well as sponsors and press, at a prize giving held in October on the concourse of St Pancras station, next to the bronze statue of John Betjeman by Martin Jennings.

The competition is free to enter. Enter online at

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