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Whats the scoop on Chiswick and Bedford park prep school?

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Ceebo Tue 22-Mar-11 18:23:34

Does anyone have any experience of Chiswick and Bedford park prep school? Considering sending daughter there but difficult to get any inside scoop on the school - don't know anyone there and the school isn't written up in the likes of the good schools guide. Cheapest prep in the area (good) but surely there is a catch?

leeks70 Wed 23-Mar-11 13:43:06

I have a girlfriend who is a teacher and sends both her dds there and is very happy with it. There is no outside play space. And I mean absolutely minimal. It is a small school, which suits some and the sort of school many feel is perfect for their 4 yr old but then not their 8 yr old. But that's very hard to gauge when your first child is 2 or 3 yrs old and you have to sign up for a school! Boys leave at 7 I believe? It is a very local school with most of the children living very near.
And I always thought the cheapest prep in the area was Heathfield House?

mumonahottinroof Thu 24-Mar-11 15:07:42

It seems a lovely school, the fees are cheaper because no outdoor space and no kitchen/canteen. Children eat packed lunch at their desks. It has, I was also told, a very local catchment - which is why I avoided it as we're further away and I didn't want my dcs to feel left out.

FalconsPrepMum Fri 10-May-13 10:19:28

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Farewelltoarms Fri 10-May-13 12:07:11

My friend is a teacher at St Pauls. She says that the more preposterous and faux victorian the uniform is, the worse a school is.
Obv this is not a hard-and-fast rule but there always seems to be something so icky and aspirational about boaters.

Ozankoy Tue 02-Jul-13 16:39:44

Message deleted by Mumsnet for breaking our Talk Guidelines. Replies may also be deleted.

anniecoops Tue 30-Jul-13 16:20:09

Hi there, just been reading the comments on C&B School. I am trying to decide whether to send my daughter there or possibly to Ravenscourt Park, having failed to get into a State school ! Ozankoy and FalconsprepMum- your comments are quite concerning, are they based on your own children attending the school? Just keen to get as much information as I can. Ravenscourt Park is obviously much more expensive but does have larger building and grounds, school lunches and is maybe a little more rounded? Is the worry that they won't prepare kids for external schools now that they have a secondary school? Any thoughts much appreciated. Thanks

mumtothegirls Sat 14-Sep-13 11:06:18

I agree with mumonahottinroof - the school is lovely, I have two daughters there and they're both really thriving and happy. Absolutely no idea why some of the posters above are so negative - in my experience communication with the teachers is fantastic. DH or I speak to them practically every day, even though we both work. I think it's a lovely school, the teachers are brilliant and we've been really pleased with the girls' progress.

PS: no boaters - honest!

Hawkinshall50 Tue 12-Nov-13 14:32:51

Anniecoops, I can't tell what concerns you as the messages you refer to have been withdrawn. But I have a lot of recent experience at CBPPS and, while the results are good, there are lots of frustrations - particularly with communication. Mumtothegirls is not wrong in saying the teachers are lovely and available to chat, but that's different from getting meaningful information about your child's strengths and weaknesses. Most mothers at the school don't work and are around to do a huge amount of work with their kids. The parent scene is pretty dull, with several hiding behind trees at pick up. It's a school that's far better for girls than boys. There is no space whatsoever. Good luck with your hunt.

firsttimemother Wed 14-May-14 11:38:49

I don't normally post on Mumsnet but I read this by chance and feel that's it's so unfair on CBPPS that I have to say something! I have a boy and a girl there and am 100% happy with it. It's almost the only school west of Shepherd's Bush that wholeheartedly helps and prepares your son with prep school entrance - the other schools (Orchard, Ravenscourt, Falcons &c) would rather the boys stayed till 11 or went to their own linked prep school, whereas CBPPS genuinely wants your son to get into your first choice of prep, and makes it happen.
It's a really friendly and cosy school - my daughter's very shy but she is so happy there and everyone (parents, children and staff) knows each other because the school's so small.
It does focus on the academic (which I like), and I was worried about the lack of space, but that seems to bother the parents much more than the children - at least, my son doesn't mind about it at all and he's incredibly active.
You could call the parent scene dull, but that's part of the vibe - it's very relaxed, laid-back, no-one judges you on your appearance or your outfit at the school gates (and we have masses of working mums, whatever the Hawkinshall says!). Most parents have chosen CBPPS over Orchard House deliberately, and I would certainly say that Orchard House is much more social and 'Chiswicky'. So the parents at CBPPS have self-selected to be a bit more real and a bit less 'Tatler Top School' ish, and all the better for it, I think.

sotiredtoday Wed 14-May-14 14:14:24

Thanks for this recent post to this interesting conversation.
Firsttimemother, would you know what schools the boys left to go to after year 2 in recent years? I did not see this info on their website.
And which schools do the boys who are not ripe for the 7+ process go to after cbpps?

areyoutheregoditsmemargaret Wed 14-May-14 14:45:31

sotired Contact the school, they have all that info and will freely give it to you

Windsor40 Fri 01-Aug-14 13:00:50

Just been through the 11+ here. Never again. Terrible comms all round. No management of expectations. No transparency. No candour. The senior school selection system is tough anywhere it seems, but it could have been made much easier for all concerned if there'd been effective communication here.

Hajpca3 Mon 02-Feb-15 17:55:46

Have had recent experience of 11+ at Chiswick and Bedford Park school. While the 11+ is a very difficult process I found that all the staff were extremely supportive and committed to helping my daughter through this process. The senior teachers were receptive to parental feedback and have implemented changes to ensure that they continue to meet the needs of the parents and girls during the 11+. The girls were well prepared for exams and interviews and my own daughter actually enjoyed the process. From my experience the teachers, in particular the year 6 teacher, were always willing to talk and do their best to allay concerns. There is no easy way of getting through the 11+ and every experience is different but I feel that my daughter received great support and she will take very positive and happy experiences forward from her time at CBPPS.

Sparky100 Tue 10-Mar-15 16:22:47

Hmm have to add that my ds is at Orchard House and we have been thrilled with the whole process from start to finish. The children were very well prepared (as were their parents!) and the school were absolutely transparent and available to us throughout. Slightly object to your comment firsttimemother we're not all Chiswicky.....we just want a good education for our children.

marymam Sun 29-Mar-15 22:04:01

Came across this as was looking for term dates at CBPPS.
My 2 kids go there and am pretty happy with the school. ......although would never choose to send a boy there!! No outside space and they try and suppress boys behaviour a little because of that.
Don't know why it is thought of a not social! I have the best social life with parents in my kids class and I get dressed to go to the gates!! We are not all DULL!

Chiswickmum2 Wed 19-Apr-17 09:48:59

I have an interview this week with Chiswick and Bedford park prep for my son, any idea what this entails? also any updated information on how this school is preforming would be appreciated?
Thanks in advance

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