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private school tutor 4+

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2stressed Sun 13-Mar-11 21:06:16

Hi just wondering if anyone has done this thought about doing this?

If so where does one find such a tutor? different ones for certain schools? How does it work? How much does it cost?

(Really don't want to get into the "don't tutor at this debate" pls)

Janefeelsold Sun 13-Mar-11 23:03:10

Strangely enough, there seems to have been a lot of 4+ tutor threads recently.

I don't think you can tutor for 4+. You can engage your child and give them practise at things like sitting and listening to a story and using scissors etc but nothing more formal. Good schools have no interest in 'prepped' children and tbh, can spot them a mile off. They are looking for potential. Even the most pushy, academically selective such as Habs and NLCS don't assess reading ability. They may take a non-reading child over a reading child if they think the reading child has been coaxed and the non-reading child shows more potential.

So if you want to 'tutor' do it yourself by exposing your child to as much 'wonder' as possible and instilling in them a thirst for learning. What they are looking for at a 4+ assessment cannot be taught.

zzlondongirlzz Mon 14-Mar-11 13:11:54

Hello, there are tutors floating around on Mumsnet so I'm sure one will contact you shortly (one got in touch with me). I really don't know what a tutor could actually do for such a young child BUT if you chose carefully they will probably have lots of information about the kinds of assessments your child would be asked to do at any given school and also what these schools are like. This kind of advice is no doubt more valuable and useful than anything they could 'do' with your child. I wish we had had a bit more info when our DD went for two assessments - she only got waitlisted so we'll never know whether we should have done more prep....

Fiddledee Mon 14-Mar-11 15:53:28

My DD went for 4+ we did no preparation (worried very under prepared as I was very busy doing other stuff). She goes to a very unpushy pre-school but has always been very articulate, confident, good at jigsaws, cannot read although knows most of her letter, she has a very long attention span, good at following instructions. She was accepted to our first choice very academic prep school after doing 4+ assessment. We were very pleased but not surprised as we could tell the school would suit her. So we did zero preparation and I think its best for that age, formal preparation would just confuse and stress them and they would probably perform worse.

JHS Mon 10-Oct-11 15:51:14

I am also wondering about a tutor for my DD. I don't have my heart set on any school in particular but I would like her to gain entry to a few of the assessment based ones to keep our options open. I think she's very bright and enthusiastic but as she's my oldest I've never been through this process before and I would appreciate the advice of a tutor who could give me an understanding of what she will be expected to do. Can anyone point me in the right direction? Many thanks.

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