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Can you recommend a good primary school in Greenwich? Many thanks!!

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Fabi76 Thu 03-Mar-11 19:36:15

I am thinking of moving to Greenwich (SE London) but don't know the area at all. Are there any good schools that you can recommend? I appreciate your advice. Thanks!

MadameCastafiore Thu 03-Mar-11 19:41:07

We lived in the borough of Greenwich but on the outskirts of Sidcup - DD went to a fab Catholic school there called Our Lady of the Rosary was a lovely small school.

Fabi76 Thu 03-Mar-11 19:59:45

Thank you Madame! We are Catholic so that would be an option. I am going to look for it now to see if it has a nursery as well.

Fabi76 Thu 03-Mar-11 20:07:35

Well, it seems that it is too far from where we are thinking to move...

Madsometimes Fri 04-Mar-11 14:07:06

There are lots of good schools in Greenwich, but it depends on where you live. As with most of London, school allocation depends on the street you live on. eg. the most desired school in Greenwich is Halstow, but there are only a handful of streets that will get a reception place at this school.

Catholic schools have a wider catchment, but the best ones are also very oversubscribed and certainly require regular mass attendance.

LemonEmmaP Fri 04-Mar-11 14:16:31

When we lived near the Westcombe Park area, our nearest schools were Invicta and Sherington. While it has been a few years since we lived there, I believe that Invicta remains a pretty good school, and Sherington has improved a lot to become a good school too. AFAIK, one of DH's friends is still deputy head at Invicta, which would be a strong positive for that school.

Roxyc Fri 04-Mar-11 16:14:46

The only really good estate school around Greenwich, Westcombe Park, Charlton is Halstow, which is as all good schools oversubscribed. There is a Catholic School which had a good ofsted report recently: Our Lady of Grace. Can't comment on the rest.

Fabi76 Wed 09-Mar-11 17:48:14

Thank you so much to all for the feedback! It's so difficult to make a decision, as we are thinking to move to Greenwich (near Royal Hill road) but the lack of options for good state or church schools is putting us off, even though it is such a beautiful area! I don't think that private schools are an option as we would struggle to afford the fees...

icancancan Wed 09-Mar-11 21:29:10

if you are going to be near Royal Hill then I think James Wolfe is your nearest option for a state school (or is it Morden Mount - a lewisham council school which does not have as good a reputation). James Wolfe is a fairly large primary but is supposed to be a nice school with a good social mix. Otherwise if possible, move to central Blackheath as there is the choice of (very good) All Saints (c of e but does take other faiths) or John Ball primary school.

Fabi76 Wed 09-Mar-11 23:52:35

Thanks Ican! I think that moving to central Blackheath is not an option, but will definitely look at James Wolfe.

MajorBumsore Thu 10-Mar-11 22:37:37

Agree, Morden Mount is not great! Have heard good things about James Wolfe. Have a friend with child at Meridian-she seems very happy with it and she is also a primary teacher.

Greenwichgal Mon 18-Mar-13 23:43:17

Yes, speaking as a parent of two children at Meridian, I wholeheartedly agree. It's a happy ship: a small school where the headteacher knows the name of every child and most of the parents. It has quite a progressive ethos - the children are encouraged to think for themselves, and the individual is celebrated - but not at the expense of their education. We've felt extremely lucky that it was our local school!

expatmommy Wed 05-Jun-13 08:46:17

HI all. We are thinking about buying a house in the Westcombe park area of Blackheath/Greenwich. The nearest schools are Halstow and Invicta. Even though Halstow is .3 miles or so ... perhaps 400 meters? I have a feeling we are going to struggle to get a spot. Should I even bother? Does anyone know about the waiting list for Halstow? My daughter is do to begin reception in Sept 2013. We would be happy to transfer her after September / middle of the year, etc ...if that increased our chances. Thanks

bochead Wed 05-Jun-13 09:05:54

James Wolfe has had no HT for 2 years and so has drifted badly. It's also due to double in size to a four stream entry and become split site in September 2014 so will be experiencing even more flux/changes. It WAS a good school, but it's immediate future looks a bit iffy at present. It takes all the SN kids other schools in the area have been unable to cope with.

Halstow is ALWAYS totally full but pretty good. There is a new free school opening Sept 2013 on the site of Charlotte Turner that will have spaces though it'll obviously be an unknown quantity. Morden Mount is greatly improved after having been put in special measures a few years back. St Alfeges is terrible, but Meridian suits a certain type of family well - middle class & status conscious (they call the teachers by their first names etc, it's very right on and trendy). all Saints is fantastic but always full. Worth going to look at Meridian imho.

Tbh Greenwich isn't a great education area generally. If you can swing it then the schools just over the border in Lewisham are generally MUCH, much better. Tidemill, Sir John Ball, Grinling Gibbons are all really good schools, and used to taking Greenwich kids on their rolls.

Private schools in the area include Blackheath High, Riverston, Eltham College & are all good schools. The Dulwich Triad all do coaches from Greenwich/Blackheath too. The only one in the private sector I have reservations about is Colfes as they seem to have a high 6th form drop out rate which seems odd.

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